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Nine-year-old Trinny Amuhirwe was just like any other girl her age – except for the aggressive bone tumour that threatened to take over her entire face.

The 2kg benign tumour was blinding Trinny, from Kampala, Uganda, in one eye and made eating almost impossible. Her only hope was when she was discovered by UK charity Facing the World.

Her mum Sarah Amuhirwe says that without action, her daughter would have died.

Trinny's face was disappearing behind the tumour

Trinny’s face was disappearing behind the tumour

Graham Banton, director of the charity, explains that Trinny has a condition called fibrous dysplasia, where normal bone tissue is replaced by fibrous tissue which just keeps growing, destroying the good bone. Trinny’s case was one of the most shocking experts had seen.

She was flown to the UK by the charity, and whereas she might have been expected to be shy and downcast about her condition and appearance, she actually proved to be a little bundle of energy, and a typical little girl.

As her operation day arrived, some of the UK’s leading surgeons and support staff – all giving their time for free – prepared to make Trinny’s surgery as successful as possible.

The 15-hour op was fraught with danger and could even have cost her her life, but there was little choice but to take the risk. And, happily, it proved worth it as the surgery was successful and gave Trinny her life and future back.

Trinny and mum Sarah post-operation

Trinny and mum Sarah post-operation

Watch this heart-warming video and you’ll agree that all the care that Trinny received, couldn’t have been more worthwhile.