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Seven-year-old boys tend to spend their time riding their bikes, playing with their Lego, or kicking a football around –but if you’re a little boy called Chase, there’s only one thing which really floats your boat – chasing storms, of course!

Chase Miller is one of the youngest storm chasers on the circuit, but he’s already something of a veteran having been chasing since he was a prodigious four years old.

Introduced to the scene by his stepdad Jason, Storm now mingles his love of storms with his passion – and incredible talent – for photography. And the results are some of the most awesome weather shots you could imagine.

But surely care has to be taken when you’re only seven and coming into close contact with life-threatening natural phenomena like lightning and tornados?

Chase’s stepdad Jason Weingart explains: ‘When he joins us we tend to hang back and focus on the meteorological and photography aspects of the event.


‘But it’s not only hazards from the storm, we also have to worry about traffic and there are people out there that we don’t know. We also wanted to be sure that he was old enough to understand the rules and the dangers of disobeying while we’re out doing this kind of thing.’

That’s not to say that Chase doesn’t get fully involved when they go in search of America’s wildest weather. He is happy to help track the storms and also handles equipment. But there is one aspect of the unusual pasttime which Chase is no fan of, as he explains:

‘My least favourite thing about storm chasing is when you think there’s going to be a tornado, but there really isn’t.’

No surprise then to hear what Chase’s biggest ambition is as a grown-up storm chaser: ‘My future goal as a storm chaser is to see more tornados than anyone else.’

We reckon he might just do it, too. Well, with a name like Chase, you wouldn’t bet against him.