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6ft 9in girl, Elisany da Cruz Silva was named Brazil’s tallest teenager at the tender age of 14. Now 17, the beautiful aspiring model is certainly a head-turner, but there aren’t many men who can measure up.

That doesn’t seem to bother Elisany too much, though, as she has fallen in love with 5ft 4in Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho.

Elisany loves Francinaldo for his calmness and kindness. However, she does admit that holding hands is difficult with the foot-and-a-half height difference making it appear like she is walking with her little brother or son! For his part, Francinaldo says he doesn’t care what people say.


Having suffered various health problems – including terrible migraines – due to her extraordinary height, Elisany has had a benign tumour on her pituitary gland removed. Remarkably, she has  shrunk an inch since the procedure was carried out.

Now Elisany looks forward to settling down with Francinaldo one day, and having a nice house filled with children, whilst still keeping alive her dreams of one day strutting her impressive stuff on the catwalk. A dream that thus far has been thwarted by modelling agencies deciding that, although they like their models tall, they don’t like them quite as tall as Elisany.

Watch the video to see how these two young people prove that opposites do attract!