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Aly Stosz, 27, from New York always attracts attention when she’s out and about – which isn’t surprising thanks to her towering 6ft 9in frame!

‘I have always been tall. Even when I was in kindergarten I was a full head and shoulders above everyone else in the class. In elementary school I was probably like 5ft 8in, maybe when I was like 8 years old. In middle school I shot up and I was 6ft 3in in 7th grade. In high school I pretty much peaked and got to be about 6ft 8in – 6ft 9in by the end of high school.’


Sadly, the fact that Aly stood out from the crowd didn’t go unnoticed when she was growing up, and she suffered plenty of negative comments about her appearance.

‘In the past other people would make me feel really bad about my height for being different. When I was in school kids would call me stuff like Godzilla, they would call me monster. I laugh about it now but at the time obviously it was like deeply upsetting. But ultimately it made me a stronger person.’

Thankfully, Aly has learnt to love her body just the way it is – and it’s certainly brought her her fair share of admirers!


‘A lot of women, tall women, will go into an industry of fetish photography which is called ‘amazon’. I did themed shoots where I would do things like pick up guys that were small or I would stand next to them to show how short they were. It was good! I made some good money. I had some interesting experiences but ultimately it was not creatively fulfilling for me at all. It became very boring.’


She might have amassed plenty of fans online, but Aly’s biggest admirer comes in the form of her boyfriend Sean Webb.

‘I’m 6ft 4in so about 5 inches shorter than Aly. We do get attention – we get a lot of attention when we walk around. It’s good attention from my perspective.’

‘I love being with her because of the person she is. The height is a wonderful thing and it’s attractive to me but to know who she is is a whole other thing. It’s bigger than her size.


Aly adds, ‘He does love that I’m big and tall and strong and yeah, he appreciates that about me!’

Thanks to Sean’s support Aly is now feeling prouder than ever about her height and now wants to encourage other women to embrace their differences.

‘I really feel good! I feel so strong, I feel beautiful, and I don’t worry as much what people think about me walking down the street. A lot of people put a lot of effort into standing out and they really want that and they don’t have it – so I feel blessed to have that.’

‘I would say to other women that don’t feel confident in their appearance to try not to care what other people think. Your value is not based on your appearance. Try not to let that feeling of not feeling beautiful enough affect you because it’s not true.’

Good on you Aly!