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When the world has come to know you as ‘Cement Face‘, it’s fair to say that something has gone dramatically wrong. But now Rajee Narinesingh is getting her life back on track after a cosmetic surgeon has managed to undo much of the disastrous black market surgery which Rajee had in the past.

Rajee is ecstatic about her new face

Rajee is ecstatic about her new face

Transgender Rajee fell prey to Oneal Ron Morris – a fellow trans woman who she knew lacked medical credentials – who injected her clients with illegal substances, including cement, superglue and tyre sealant. Morris, known as ‘Duchess’, was jailed for practising medicine without a licence.

Rajee, 48, says of her ordeal: ‘I wanted to be a beautiful woman.’ However, having paid to get her breasts, buttocks, cheeks, jawline and lips, ‘pumped up’, she was left with rock-hard lumps in her face, breasts and buttocks. ‘I felt like a monster, a sideshow circus clown,’ says Rajee.

'I can smile at last,' says Rajee

‘I can smile at last,’ says Rajee

Having suffered years of anguish and humiliation, Rajee was put in touch with Dr John Martin, a  cosmetic surgeon, who agreed to give her treatment to repair the damage, free of charge. By using a mixture of ultrasound and anti-inflammatory injections, Dr Martin managed to soften the hard nodules so that surgery to remove the toxic substances was possible. As the previous video, below, shows Dr Martin was always confident that Rajee would one day be happy with the way she looks…

Rajee underwent four rounds of surgery in seven weeks, but is thrilled with the results. ‘It was gruelling, but it’s definitely been worth it,’ she says. ‘It’s a pretty major improvement.’

And Rajee’s romance prospects seem to have improved too.

‘The men situation is better. I’m getting approached a lot more, and they seem to be really attracted to me…. I don’t know if I can have one boyfriend,’ says the self-confessed cougar. ‘I wonder if there is a man out there who can handle a woman like me! I mean, I am a lot to handle.’