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Antonia Kozakova has an unusual hobby. She owns an incredible 80,000 napkins – a Guinness World Record – a collection which is worth more than £300,000.

Slovakian Antonia first started her nap-tastic collection when she realised she needed somethng to keep her occupied as her health issues affecting her mobility mean she can’t work. ‘There hasn’t been a single day I’ve regretted this collection,’ she says.

Time for a well earned rest!

Time for a well earned rest!

So, how does Antonia keep on top of such a large collection – which incredibly contains no duplicates? ‘They are sorted in categories. Every box is covered in nice wrapping paper.’

After receiving some press coverage when she started collecting 19 years ago, Antonia discovered she was not alone, and her fellow collectors are a great source of new material.

Antonia is a world record holder

Antonia is a world record holder

‘I buy lots of them through internet shops. I am also in touch with nearly 30 other collectors from Slovakia, Norway and one in Hungary.

‘I have a guestbook that I’m also very proud of, as after some time I will be able to tell who came to visit me and my napkins.’

She's not resting on her laurels – 100,000 is the next target

She’s not resting on her laurels – 100,000 is the next target

Antonia, who is married, was given a car by her supportive family once she hit 80,000 and now she has her sights set firmly on 100,000. And she has two other napkin-based ambitions: to get a napkin with her name and face on it, and to have one signed by her favourite actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It seems fair to say, Antonia and her napkin collection will be back…