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A heartbroken man suffers from an incredible unwanted 100 orgasms each day – but does not enjoy a single one, saying they ‘completely disgust’ him.

Dad-of-two Dale Decker is the first man to speak publicly about persistent genital arousal syndrome – a condition he developed in September 2012 after he slipped a disc in his back while getting out of a chair.

On his way to the hospital he suffered his first 5 orgasms and he has been given no respite from them since. ‘They just keep on coming,’ he says sadly, whether he is awake or asleep.

In the shocking video, he describes in heartbreaking detail how he even had 9 orgasms while on his knees by his dad’s casket at his funeral, while his whole family was beside him.

The painful pelvic episodes have left him housebound and isolated through fear of suffering a public orgasm, and he is unable to work, putting further strain on his family life.

Dale lives in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA, with his wife and sons. His wife April finds Dale’s condition just as hard to live with as he does. The horrific condition has cost Dale many of his friends and the relationship he shares with his sons has also been affected, as his wife says Dale cannot be a proper dad in the way he would like to be.

Despite suffering from a near constant erection – for up to 4 hours and 30-40 times a day – Dale and April rarely have sex, as for Dale ‘there is no end’.

Doctors insist the condition is real, and not just in Dale’s head, and anyone who witnesses this man’s suffering can only feel sympathy for him.