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It’s hard to understand how a 10-month-old baby can possibly weigh the same as an average 5-year-old. But that is the shocking truth with morbidly obese baby Juanita Valentina Hernandez.

The baby, from Colombia, began rapidly gaining weight just weeks after her birth and since then her worried mother Sandra Franco has not been able to stop it. So extreme is her case, that charity Gorditos de Corazon (Chubby Hearts) brought Juanita to the country’s capital, Bogota, where a team of specialists began treatment. She is now undergoing tests to determine the cause of her shocking weight gain.

If her condition went untreated, she would face a bleak future with the possibilities of child hypertension, type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases. Hence why early intervention is so essential.

Amazingly, her mum Sandra explains that Juanita was born thin, but by 15 days old she was looking chubby. From then, the weight gain has been constant and uncontrollable.

As Juanita’s weight gain is studied and will hopefully be brought under control, Sandra says she hopes her story will inspire other mothers of morbidly obese babies to seek help – in order to give their children the chance of a future.