All I want is a Guinness World Record. How hard can it be? Very, as it turns out – and believe me, I’ve tried…


Guinness World Records – watch out, here I come…

From the fastest time to empty a tube of toothpaste with one hand, to the most party poppers you can pop in 30 seconds. Surely these and other equally wacky Guinness World Records are easy enough to beat…

Challenge accepted!


CURRENT RECORD: 105 selfies in three minutes

The Rock is the current record holder, and I planned to smash it. Especially since we had an official Guinness World Records adjudicator on hand to impress! With three attempts allowed and 150 selfies snapped on the third go, I was quietly confident. Unfortunately, only 87 of them were valid. But we had a brilliant time trying.


CURRENT RECORD: Eating a jam doughnut in under 9.86 seconds – no hands, no lip-licking

No problem…or so I hoped!

A mere 10.75 seconds into my first attempt I instinctively licked my lips.

Take two wasn’t much better, when two mouthfuls later my tongue took over before I could stop it. That said, it had taken me 35.06 seconds to get that far!

Suffice to say, I underestimated, yet again, how hard Guinness World Records challenges are.


CURRENT RECORD: Fastest time to eat a chocolate orange: 1 min 16 secs

Despite slamming my chocolate orange down and shattering it, eating the rapidly melting segments in record-breaking time was not such an easy feat. Warm and gooey, the sip of water I thought would help me swallow, instead turned the chocolate chunks to gloop that stuck to the roof of my mouth. Doh!


CURRENT RECORD: Scoffing 25 marshmallows in 60 seconds

Sugary, sticky, and surprisingly dry, you can see from the way I’m flapping my hands around, nothing helped me chomp through the marshmallows any faster.

How the Guinness World Records holder scoffed 25 of the squishy sweets in a minute is beyond me. I managed a measly nine!


CURRENT RECORD: Most marshmallows fit in an open mouth: 44

Though this one is not an official Guinness World Record, the reigning record setter pushed and shoved an admirable 44 into her mouth. So, with no time limit on this challenge, I decided I’d try my gob out for size…


After a rather rubbish eight marshmallows, my gag reflex kicked in and it was challenge over.


CURRENT RECORD: Nine Ferrero Rocher in a minute

You’d think the hardest part would be unwrapping the nutty treats.

Think again.

When you’re scoffing them in quick succession, the wafer swiftly makes them taste drier than the Sahara Desert. Barely able to swallow, I only ate four.

FYI, no amount of hand flapping will help speed you up. Trust me on that!


CURRENT RECORD: No hands, one minute and one Ferrero Rocher

I’d studied the winner’s video, figured out the trick to getting the wrapper off in next to no time. Except, as with all Guinness World Records, they look way easier than they actually are.

Still, in between fits of laughter, I gave it a good shot.


Against the odds, I’m still determined to get my mitts on a Guinness World Record – one day! Watch this space…


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