Were identical twins Gillian and Jennifer Pollock reincarnations of their dead older sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline?



It’s terrifying how fast tragedy can strike.

The Pollocks in Hexham, Northumberland, were an ordinary, everyday family. John and Florence adored their daughters Joanna, 11, and Jacqueline, 6, and the two little girls were inseparable.

On 5 May 1957, while walking to church, the two sisters and their friend were struck by a car, and killed. The little girls died almost instantly – and poor John and Florence were plunged into an unimaginable grief.

Yet, somehow, life had to go on.

And, in early 1958, Florence realised something wonderful – she was pregnant once again.

John, particularly, felt that this pregnancy was special. Different. He insisted Florence was carrying twin girls. Florence didn’t believe him – and her scepticism seemed vindicated when doctors confirmed she was only expecting one baby, not two. Yet John kept on insisting.

And, he was right – on 4 October 1958, Florence gave birth to twins Gillian and Jennifer.

Eerie similarities

Spookily, although the girls were identical, Jennifer had two birthmarks. One at the top of her nose, another on the left side of her waist.

Just like 6-year-old Jacqueline.

She’d had a tiny birthmark on the left side of her waist, and a scar on her forehead from when she’d fallen onto a bucket, aged 3.

Was Jennifer actually Jacqueline, reborn? It seemed impossible to believe.

When the twins were 9 months old, they moved from that house of grief and tragedy. And, in order to protect their younger two daughters, the couple never spoke about Joanna and Jacqueline.

Yet as the girls grew into lively toddlers, there were more eerie signs.

When their parents unpacked some old boxes, the twins recognised toys and other objects that had belonged to their big sisters. Joanna immediately knew the names of two of the dolls, then fished out Jacqueline’s favourite toy.

Were they sharing Joanna and Jacqueline’s memories?

Remembering their own death..?

They twins also shared an inexplicable fear of motor vehicles. One day, their parents overheard them discussing the fatal accident in chilling details. And…

‘The car! The car! It’s coming at us!’ John heard them screaming.

Yet nobody had ever told them what’d happened.


More spooky similarities made John convinced it was true – they really were the older girls, reborn.

As well as sharing Jacqueline’s birthmarks, Jennifer had her stocky frame. While Gillian was slim and walked with splayed feet, just like Joanna.

Gillian, like 11-year-old Joanna, was much more mature and independent, always taking care of Jennifer, who, like the younger Jacqueline, had always looked to her sister for guidance.

Like their lost siblings, both girls loved combing other people’s hair.

And John and Florence were astonished when they finally took the twins to visit their old street in Hexham, when the girls were 4.

For Gillian and Jennifer both pointed out their old house, unprompted. And described the school and the swings in the park before they’d even seen them. How could they have acquired such detailed knowledge?

No explanation

Yet, from the age of 5 onwards, the eerie ‘memories’ seemed to fade away. The girls grew into happy, normal young women.

But even they could not explain why, as tiny toddlers, they’d known so much about their big sisters, who’d passed away before they were born.