They are skinned, their organs taken as trophies and their carcasses drained of blood…but could aliens really be behind the murder of America’s cows and horses?

Curious Cows


Lady’s owners found her dead in a pasture on their ranch in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

She was only 3 years old. A robust, healthy young horse.

She’d been slaughtered in the middle of the night in September 1967.

Not only that, she’d been mutilated.

Her flesh had been cut with a sharp blade, the skin pulled off to expose the white bone and teeth underneath.

Her womb, genitals, navel and nipples had been removed and were nowhere to be seen.

Her anus and its surrounding glandular tissues had been cut out with surgical precision.

And her carcass had been drained of blood.

The precision of the cuts and the lack of blood ruled out predators, like the coyotes and wild dogs native to Colorado.

The owners called the police.

But straight away, the officers hit a dead end.

There were no clues, nothing to show who might have killed Lady.

Or why.

The case went cold.

But, by 1975, there had been 130 such killings in Colorado.

Always at night.

Horses and cows skinned, mutilated and drained of their blood. Their organs removed.

The FBI was called in. And soon the investigation had led officers to rural England.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a number of cattle mutilations were reported to the authorities.

Dead cows (iStockphoto)


Mutilations that matched the ones now happening in the USA.

Was there a link?

By now, ranchers and cattle owners were claiming to have seen strange helicopters and vans with blacked-out windows around their farms in the days before a mutilation took place.

But no-one knew where the helicopters or vans had come from. Or what they were doing.

And then, the killings spread. From Colorado out across America’s Midwest states and down to New Mexico.

To date, it’s estimated some 8,000 horses and cows have been mercilessly slaughtered and mutilated in the USA.

The FBI seem no closer to knowing who’s behind the cruel killings than it was in 1967.

In some cases, the edges of the wounds have been cauterized. But in most, the wounds are exactly the same.

And that’s led some to believe there’s something ritualistic about the killings.

Are the animals’ organs being used in some dark mass, their blood drunk by priests and priestesses?

Others believe a government agency is taking samples from cattle to monitor the food chain. Perhaps to prevent another outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy – mad cow disease.

When the disease broke out in England in 1996, it soon transferred to human beings.

Another outbreak could be devastating.

And so, these government agencies transport scientists and experts to random fields, ranches and farmsteads in the helicopters and vans with blacked-out windows to perform tests on the cattle.

But could the vans, the helicopters be a cover for something else far more sinister?

In 1989, journalist Linda Moulton Howe interviewed several US military intelligence operatives for her book An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms.

Alien spaceship (iStockphoto)

Alien spaceship (iStockphoto)

According to Linda, the operatives told her the mutilations were being carried out by aliens.

All those helicopters and vans are a distraction. The government wants the public to think secret agencies are performing tests.

Because that’s less frightening than the reality...

It’s not known what the aliens want.

Possibly, blood and internal organs are being harvested to study the transmission of earth-bound viruses.

Or, as people and cattle share a large number of chromosomes, the extraterrestrials could be using horses and cows to experiment on human pathogens, bacteria and micro-organisms.

It’s a far-fetched theory…but those who believe it say if it’s human pathogens that the extraterrestrials are harvesting, we’re in deep trouble.


The mutilations are spreading…

Sheep beware (iStockphoto)


In 1988, cattle mutilations were reported in Guarapiranga, Brazil. And then, in 2001, 200 goats were mutilated following the same pattern in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. That same year, the mutilations started in Wales. Since 2001, cattle have been found mutilated in Wales…in Gwynned, Dyfed and Powys. And every June, 20 ewes disappear from farms in the Rea Valley…Is there a connection?