An eerie tale about a spirit who's unable to move on...

Hassayampa Hotel Arizona

Hassayampa Hotel

Honeymoon horror

It was 1927 and the luxurious Hassayampa Hotel in Prescott, Arizona, had recently opened. A young bride named Faith Summers checked into a grand balcony suite with her much older husband for a romantic honeymoon.

It wasn’t to be. According to the story, Faith’s husband went out to buy cigarettes and never returned. Nobody knows whether he was lying to her or whether he intended to come back, and no-one ever found out what became of him. Whatever the truth, poor Faith waited for three days before losing all hope. In despair, she hanged herself from the bell tower above her suite.

Spirit encounters

To this day, Faith’s ghost often makes appearances at the hotel, and to many people. Since her death, countless guests and employees have reported encounters with a young woman throughout the hotel – crying at the end of a bed or near the door leading to the balcony, walking the hallways in what is described as either a pink dress or an off-white wedding gown, and disappearing into various rooms of the hotel.

Ghost of woman on stairs


Scent of flowers

She is most often seen and felt in the room where she spent her last days, room number 426. She apparently gives female visitors foot massages when they are sleeping in this room, but men who stay there often have nightmares. The sounds of crying and scent of flowers can sometimes be detected from outside the room.

One of the hotel’s housekeepers left her job after seeing Faith’s apparition. Kitchen staff have also reported feeling Faith’s presence in the kitchen, right before the burners on the stove suddenly went out. Once, a staff member was standing in front of the room drinking coffee and talking about Faith’s story when her coffee leaped from the cup and spilled over her hand.

Missing toothbrushes

One recent guest, a young man, said he sensed someone in his room when he awoke. He drifted off, and awoke to someone hugging him. He asked if there had been incidents of haunting at the hotel. ‘Oh, that’s just Faith,’ the desk clerk said.

Others have experienced lights or the television going on in the middle of the night, or awaking to find their toothbrushes missing. Faith never threatens anyone in these encounters. The heartbroken ghost simply appears unable to move on.

Hassayampa lobby

The lobby


Faith is the most famous ghost at the Hassayampa, but she’s not the only one. There is also a man referred to as the Watchman, a large man who wears black. They say he was once the security guard, and to this day still walks the halls checking doors to make sure they are locked. Staff at the hotel say, ‘It is comforting to know that the hotel is looked after on all levels.’

He’s been seen by both employees and guests, once vanishing in the second or two the employee turned her back to him. He has been seen reading a newspaper, staring into the fireplace, and has been referred to as ‘lonely-looking’. It’s not known why his presence lingers at the hotel.

ghostly boy


Mysterious child

It’s also said that a young ghost, a male child of about 6 years old, haunts the laundry room and the elevator. He has been said to tug on the shirts of women in the room. The boy is reported to be of Asian or Chinese descent and may have been the son of a hotel employee long ago. The sounds of a bouncing ball in the hallways have been attributed to him.

Over the years, this historic hotel has hosted many famous guests, including DH Lawrence, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Georgia O’Keefe Tom Selleck, Joan Rivers, Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin and George W Bush, but it’s the ghostly presences that continue to fascinate people…