Fiona Campbell-Smith, 56, from Oban, had to fit her meandering moggy, Parsley, with his own GPS!



As I called my kittens in for bed, one was nowhere to be found.

‘Parsley!’ I called. Nothing.

It’s not like him, I worried. I’d got my kittens – Parsley, Purdie and Misha – within a month of each other, back in the autumn of 2014. Parsley, then 8 months old, was a friendly, nosy, ginger Maine Coon who liked napping on my bed at night. I had a sleepless night, and Parsley still wasn’t home the following morning.



Panicking now, I called the vet’s and reported him missing. An hour later, they called me back.

‘We’ve got him,’ the vet told me. Phew!

But Parsley had been found 2½ miles from home at a visitor viewpoint. A lady had spotted him looking lost and whipped him to the vet’s.

‘Thank you so much!’ I gasped. Only, not long afterwards, he disappeared again! Despairing, I put a collar on him that had my name, address and phone number on it. Over the next few weeks, Parsley was found wandering all over town!

I got calls from shopkeepers, bar staff, hotel workers…

I knew Parsley would find his way home…eventually. But whenever he wandered into the busy town centre, I worried that he’d get hurt. I’d race over to pick him up. He’s such a cool cat, he’d strut over, feline fine! Then sit calmly in the car as I drove him home.

In the end, I ordered a GPS tracker online, fixed it to his collar. His very own cat-ellite navigation! And one day, after Parsley returned from his travels, I logged in to find out exactly where he’d been.

‘No!’ I gasped, staring at the lines which were wiggling all round Oban. He’d been everywhere!


One of Parsley’s GPS routes

Amused, I started a Facebook page for him – mostly to let locals know to watch out for my moggy when he goes meandering. Parsley was soon a local celeb! He’d turn up in pubs, walk into houses, salons, shops, hotels, bars – always making himself at home. He even turned up to a neighbour’s party!

One night, he went for last orders at his favourite local. As I couldn’t collect him, I had to send a taxi to go and bring him home!

Everybody loves Parsley – he has impeccable manners and never bites or scratches. But he once convinced Purdie and Misha to join his escapades, and they all turned up at my mum’s house. Purdie and Misha waited in the garden, while Parsley strode in. Another day, Parsley clocked up over six miles on one of his epic adventures.

‘Such a show off!’ I laughed. His wanderlust has now led to worldwide fame. Parsley’s made the local and national press, has thousands of Facebook fans all over the world. But, thanks to his GPS, I always know where my pussycat is.

Parsley still has the upper paw, mind you, as I only collect him when I’m worried. So, if you’re ever in Oban, do look out for Parsley taking his catnaps all over town.

Lapping up all the attention!

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