Naomi Hussaarts, 38, from Trowbridge spills the beans on her unusual wedding!


As I settled down on the sofa with my fiance Floris, 39, I hit ‘play’ on the DVD player. The movie was one we’d both watched a hundred times before. But one we never tired of…Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Floris is a huge fan of the films. Our living room is filled with Star Wars memorabilia. Pictures on the walls, Stormtrooper and Yoda figurines…

Chatting about our wedding earlier this year, we’d planned it for next February.

I’d already picked out my dress. And I’d told Floris he needed to sort out his wedding suit. But he had other ideas….

‘I’d like to wear a Stormtrooper costume,’ he announced.

I burst into fits of giggles.

‘Well, it’s still technically a suit,’ he said with a wink.

I couldn’t argue with that. And, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

‘It’ll be a laugh,’ I agreed.

So Floris ordered his outfit online.

‘It looks incredible,’ I said, watching him try it on.

Floris was in his element!

When we told folk what he’d be wearing on the big day, a few thought we must be joking.

But, as long as Floris was happy, I didn’t care.

Then, one Monday morning in June, Floris collapsed at work.

Hubby unmasked! (Photo: SWNS)

Hubby unmasked! (Photo: SWNS)

‘He’s had a stroke,’ I was told at the hospital.

Luckily, Floris made a speedy recovery. But it made us determined to make the most of every moment. So we decided to bring the wedding forward.

We asked for the local register office’s next available date.

‘A month’s time?’ they suggested. But Floris shook his head.

‘I’m going to a Star Wars convention on that day,’ he said.


So we booked the wedding for the week after.

On the big day in July, my youngest son from a previous relationship – Ben, 11 – gave me away, and my eldest son Bradley, 19, was our witness.

When they saw Floris in his outfit, they were so impressed.

‘Cool!’ Ben said in awe.

He did look brilliant – even though it’s only the bride who’s supposed to wear white!

We tied the knot in front of 15 friends and family. As Floris and I said our vows, everyone clapped and cheered.

For our reception, we went to the local pub for a meal.

Everyone wanted photos with us. Even strangers were blown away by Floris’ outfit.

‘May the force be with you,’ people congratulated us.

I think Floris will see to that!