Charlotte Connors, Swansea, explains daughter is officially Dr Who's biggest fan!


My daughter Lily was just 3 when she fell in love.

Not with a handsome prince from a Disney film. Instead, she fell for a 2,000-year-old alien!

It was summer 2005, and we’d just sat down with our pizzas, ready to watch telly as a family.

That night’s viewing was the revamped Doctor Who, with Christopher Eccleston as the time-traveller.

We loved the show, but for Lily it was life-changing.

‘It’s the best show in the world!’ she beamed to me and her dad Tom.

He didn’t need convincing.

Tom had loved Doctor Who since he was a boy.

‘I’d hold the pillow in front of my face if I got too scared!’ he revealed to Lily.

He even dug out his old action figures – a Tom Baker Doctor, a white Dalek and a Cyberman.

Lily adored those toys, but that was only the beginning…

Over the next few years, Lily’s love for the show only grew.

She saved her pocket money for everything Time Lord – posters, figures, trading cards…

Guinness World Records

‘I was born to be a Whovian,’ said Lily proudly, using the name given to hardcore fans.

By the time she was 10, her room had become a shrine.

The crown jewel was the TARDIS wardrobe that Tom had built for her.

Lily and Tom scoured the Internet for as much memorabilia as they could.

We also called on a lot of fellow Whovians, who were happy to donate bits.

We travelled to countless towns to watch the show being filmed, and went to so many conventions.

At one, we met Ian McNeice, who played Winston Churchill on the show. He was so impressed by Lily that he donated some items to her cause.

Two years ago, we also made friends with fellow superfan Ian O’Brien through a collector’s page on Facebook. Ian held the record for the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.

‘You should try to beat it,’ he told Lily.

He had over 2,000 items, but we had a feeling Lily had already surpassed that.

We spent three months counting and photographing all of Lily’s memorabilia.

The grand total was a huge 6,641 items! For around £2,000 over 10 years, that’s not bad!

Last June, Lily was overjoyed to receive a certificate from Guinness World Records, proclaiming her the record-holder for the world’s biggest Doctor Who collection.

But she’s even more excited to see the Doctor back on TV, and would love Peter Capaldi to stay on as the Time Lord.

Lily’s starting stage school soon. Give it a few years and she could be on the show herself!

Look out for Lily in Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters! which is on sale now, featuring the biggest and best records behind the year’s smash hits.