Theresa Shaw, 50, from Huddersfield explains that her bloke is full of surprises!


Staggering out of the taxi, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

‘Shhh,’ my friend Naomi, 34, laughed, as she turned her key in the lock.

We’d been on a night out, and Naomi had offered to let me stay at hers. As we tottered into the hallway, I heard a friendly voice coming from the living room.

‘Where have you two party animals been?’

‘None of your business,’ Naomi joked. ‘Theresa, this is my brother Justin.’

Shaking his hand, I was immediately drawn to something peculiar towards the back of his head.

‘Is that what I think it is?’ I asked in disbelief.

Justin, 44, turned around and revealed a Cadbury’s Creme Egg dyed into his hair at the back.

‘That’s amazing!’ I gasped.


‘I get a different one done every month,’ he grinned proudly.

‘He’s a nutter,’ Naomi sighed.

‘I just like making people smile,’ Justin said.

We stayed up chatting until the early hours. Justin told me he worked as a chef, and I told him all about my job in a nearby petrol station.

Like me, Justin had no kids.

‘Do you fancy going for a drink one night next week?’ he asked, before I went to bed.

‘Go on, then,’ I said.

I was drawn by Justin’s fun-loving personality, couldn’t wait to see what other hairstyles he had up his sleeve.

Soon after, in April 2001, we met up in Justin’s local pub. I was delighted to see he’d been back to the hairdresser since we first met.

‘Is that Buzz Lightyear?’ I laughed.


‘Yep,’ he said. ‘Kids come into the restaurant where I work and ask me to get their favourite characters. They’re my inspiration.’

I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Over time, we started meeting up more, and my feelings for Justin grew stronger. Luckily, he felt the same, and we became an item.

Wherever we went, Justin’s hair turned plenty of heads.

On one occasion, he had a Thomas the Tank Engine hairdo. People couldn’t resist chanting ‘Toot, toot!’ when we walked past.

‘Do you ever get bored of the attention?’ I asked.

‘Not really,’ Justin said cheerfully. ‘I love chatting to people.’


Every time Justin went to the hairdresser, he came back with something a little wackier.

Another time, he had a My Little Pony design.

‘I think that’s definitely my favourite so far,’ I giggled when he walked through the door.

In the years we’ve been together, Justin’s had Blackpool rock, Sonic the Hedgehog, Speedy Gonzalez and The Grinch dyed into his hair. To name a few.

Whenever he runs out of ideas, we have a brainstorming session, but he still manages to surprise me!

We got engaged in 2013, but haven’t set a date yet. I’ll be dyeing to see what he pulls out of the bag for the occasion!