Hazel Carter, 56, from Coventry explains how the two sides of her partner make some people do a double take!


I’ve always had a thing for bald men, so I went into Denzil Morgan’s dating profile and started reading…

There are two sides to me. Hopefully, if you like them both, we will have fun together…

I’d been single for over a year following a 21-year marriage, and my eldest daughter had encouraged me to give online dating a go.

So I contacted Denzil and, over the next 10 days, we messaged each other constantly.

I want a proper relationship, I admitted.

Denzil felt the same.

He revealed he’d had one long, 18-year relationship and some shorter ones, but had never been married. Childless, he owned a house and worked as a train driver.

I told him about my job as a financial advisor and my grown-up daughters.

After a while, he said he had something to share…

Let’s just meet up, I replied, nervous but intrigued.

Meeting in July 2014, Denzil, 49, was as handsome as his picture – and, over coffee, we chatted non-stop. I loved his company – and it seemed he felt the same because he texted later…

I had a great morning, I think we got on really well.

It was only then that I remembered what he’d said.

What was it you wanted to tell me? I asked, curious.

I’ve been on fetish nights – do you want to see a picture? he replied.

What’s that? I asked.

Call me naive, but I hadn’t a clue.

This is how I was dressed, he replied, attaching a picture message.


He looked like a woman in a latex dress, with dark hair and lovely make-up.

Wow! You look good! I replied.

Then the questions came…

Do you do this all the time? I asked. Or just at the weekend?

He was quite open.

I’ve only been out once like this, he said. I don’t do it for sexual gratification, there’s just something inside me that makes me do it.

He still fancied women – and, though he used prosthetic breasts when he dressed up, he didn’t want to have surgery to become a woman.

I guess you won’t want to know me now, he said.

Slow down! I replied. I need some time to think.

Trying to get my head round it, I confided in my eldest daughter – who, understandably, had concerns.

But a couple of days later I agreed to meet Denzil again.

We talked non-stop for hours. And I made a decision.

So what if he wanted to dress as a woman sometimes?

A couple of weeks on, Denzil met my daughters. We went for dinner, and the two of them gave him a right grilling!

He told them ‘she’ was called Danielle, and he used to only dress up at home – but, recently, he’d gone out as her.

‘He’s a really nice guy,’ my girls agreed after.

So we became an item. And, after about six weeks, I stayed at Denzil’s house and saw his women’s wardrobe, complete with make-up and wigs.

But, it was another six weeks before I met ‘Danielle’…


I watched, mesmerised, as Denzil slipped on a long wig, women’s clothes, prosthetic breasts and full make-up.

Two hours later, the transformation was complete. But let’s just say his dress sense needed a female touch.

‘We need to go shopping!’ I smiled.

I helped Denzil find women’s clothes appropriate for his age.

After, he would become Danielle when he felt like it – sometimes just once a month for an evening out, other times for a few times a week at home.

But, just as he’d said, being ‘Danielle’ wasn’t a sexual thing, and she never came into the bedroom with us.

We got a few tuts and stares in public, but mostly people were accepting.

Then Denzil began wearing nail polish and women’s knickers under his uniform.

‘It makes me feel naughty!’ he laughed.

It honestly doesn’t bother me because, whatever he’s wearing, Denzil’s the most fantastic person underneath.

We’ve been together nearly three years now, and everyone knows about Danielle…

My grandchild, even – who calls us Nanny and Nandad!

Our relationship doesn’t mean either of us is gay, but it’s made up of three people…

Danielle – a friend I love going shopping or out for lunch with. Denzil – my boyfriend, and a man in the bedroom. And me.

And I couldn’t be happier with our three-way relationship!


I Just Want To Be Her by Hazel Carter (Austin Macauley Publishers, £8.99) is out now.