Laura Stevens, 34, from Sutton explains how her and her mates were treated like rock stars.


Deep down, we all want to experience the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, don’t we?

Luckily last December, I got the chance to do just that!

Me and my friend Lawrie-Lin, 33, were visiting mates who lived in Gibraltar.

After three fun-filled nights, we were due to be heading home.

Sarah, 35, lives in Gibraltar, but flew back to London with us, before going on to New Zealand.

We were all booked in for a BA flight to Heathrow at 5.20pm.

When I checked in online, I got an alert saying that the flight was delayed until 8.48pm.

‘There’s no point going to the airport in the afternoon then,’ I said to the girls.

So I called the airport to ask if we could arrive later, and they agreed.

‘Looks like our holiday’s been extended!’ I grinned.

We spent our extra time going shopping and stopped for a relaxed lunch.

But when we arrived at the airport at 6.30pm, there were barely any people there. It was strange to see an airport so quiet.

I started to worry something must’ve changed and that our flight had left on time after all.

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‘Have we missed our plane?’ I asked a member of staff, worried.

Shaking his head, he explained that passengers who arrived for the original time were put on an earlier flight.

‘You’ll be the only passengers,’ he said.

Surely they wouldn’t fly back to London just for three people?

With no queues at security, we breezed through in minutes to find the duty-free shops closed.

Thankfully, the staff were nice enough to open them up so we could have a last-minute shopping spree.

After kicking back in the empty executive lounge, we were ushered onto the plane.

‘Wow,’ I said. ‘We really are the only passengers!’

The cabin crew had never seen anything like this before. But they made a real fuss of their ‘VIP guests’!

Bumped up to business class, we made ourselves comfortable at the front of the 150-passenger plane and enjoyed champagne!

We spent the next two hours partying like rock stars, laughing our heads off and snapping fun selfies with the cabin crew.

We also had a free hot meal each. It was like being on our own private jet!

‘I could get used to this,’ I laughed.

Towards the end of the flight, the captain came out to tell us that fog around Heathrow might delay our landing. Result!

‘Take your time!’ we joked.

When we did land, the captain even let us nose around the cockpit.

‘I’ve never flown a plane with so few passengers,’ he told us.

The Heathrow staff were amazed, too, as word had reached the ground staff.

‘You’re those girls, aren’t you?’ smiled the passport officer.

It was such a strange but brilliant experience. The flight of our lives!