Faye Craven’s evil 
ex launched 
a vicious attack when she 
was pregnant. He even threatened to cut her unborn baby out of her! Here the 41-year-old tells her terrifying story about how she finally managed to escape...


Raymond Hawksey had a reputation for being tough. That’s what attracted me to him.

In July 2010, I was in 
a dark place. The year before, I’d been sexually assaulted in 
a random attack. Despite my attacker being caught and jailed, after, 
I was a nervous wreck and suffered terrible anxiety.

I need a strong man to look after me, I thought. I’d known Raymond for years through friends. When he asked me out for 
a drink, I jumped at the chance.

Raymond had a wicked 
sense of humour. Was always cracking jokes. ‘You’re gorgeous,’ he’d tell me.

Things moved quickly. Within months, Raymond had popped the question and, that October, we tied the knot.

Shortly after, I moved into 
his place. I loved waking up in Raymond’s strong arms. I felt safe with him.

Then, in 2011, police came. ‘We need to warn you about Raymond,’ an officer said.  ‘He has a history of violence.’

They didn’t go into 
much detail and, when 
I confronted Raymond, he broke down. ‘I’m so embarrassed,’ he cried. 
‘They’ve got it all wrong.’ He explained it was all 
a misunderstanding.

I felt sorry for him. ‘If you don’t want to be with me, I understand,’ he said. But I loved him and didn’t want to judge him on his past.

SWNS - Faye and Raymond

SWNS – Faye and Raymond

But we began having explosive rows. Then, in October 2013, I fell pregnant. We were excited, but I also had doubts about Raymond. 
His drinking and short temper were getting worse.

He stopped me seeing my friends, too, and began texting me when he was out with his mates.
Call me, he’d say. When I did, he’d start shouting.

‘Why are you ringing me, you paranoid cow? You’re such 
a nagging wife!’ he’d yell. He was trying to make me look jealous to his friends.

In February 2014, it was my birthday. I hoped he’d spoil me. Instead, he went to a footy match. When he came home drunk, 
I told him I was upset. ‘Stop moaning you sl*g!’ 
he screamed.

Then he kicked me in the leg with such force, I fell over. ‘If you’re not careful, I’ll kick that baby out of you,’ he spat. Terrified, by now I’d lost touch with my friends.

By April, I’d had enough.  It’s over, 
I texted when Raymond was out. He tried calling, but I ignored him and went to bed.

At 4am, I woke to him marching upstairs. I could smell the booze as he staggered into the bedroom.

‘Get out,’ I told him. At that, he flew into a rage.

SWNS - Faye's scars

SWNS – Faye’s scars

‘You dirty cow!’ he screamed, dragging me downstairs by my hair. Then he grabbed an old dog chain and whipped my arms, legs and stomach.  In agony, I didn’t want to provoke him, so I swallowed back the tears.

But then Raymond launched at me with a glass. Pushing it into my face, it shattered. Blood dripped down my cheeks. ‘I’ll cut that devil out of you,’ he barked, pointing to my baby bump with a shard of glass. I clutched my tummy.

‘You need help,’ I begged, desperate to calm him down. Somehow it worked, and he left me alone. But Raymond had hidden my phone and locked all the doors and windows. There was no way out. This is the end, I fretted.

Then Raymond started urinating into a glass. Mixed with blood and dishwater, disgustingly, he took a gulp. Time passed in a blur. He let me have a shower, but sat on the toilet, watching me.

‘Let’s have sex,’ he said. I couldn’t believe it. He was acting like everything was normal.  I knew if I refused, though, he’d lose his temper again.

Days passed, then Raymond suddenly packed and left. Seeing my chance, I found my phone and called the police. When they arrived moments later, I broke down. ‘You’re safe now,’ an officer comforted me.

SWNS - Faye's cuts

SWNS – Faye’s cuts

I gave a statement and was taken to hospital. I also had 
a scan to check my baby. ‘Everything’s fine,’ 
a doctor confirmed. Due to the stress of the attack, though, doctors wanted to induce me early.

In May 2014, my son was born weighing 6lb 14oz. ‘You’re perfect,’ I cried. He was so innocent, didn’t deserve such a horrible dad.

That June, Raymond Hawksey, then 45, appeared 
at Caernarfon Crown Court and pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was sentenced to 36 months in prison and a restraining order was imposed.

But no sentence will be long enough. Hawksey attacked me when I was 35 weeks pregnant with his child. Being beaten whilst pregnant could’ve hurt my baby, so I’m disappointed 
he didn’t get a tougher punishment, for my son’s sake.

Hawksey makes me sick. I’ve since divorced him. I’ll never get over what he
 did to me. I thought he was going to protect me and keep me safe. Really, it was him I needed protecting from.