Emma Shields, 28, from Bristol explains how her wedding was totally spellbinding!


Settling on the sofa, I got ready to enter the world of wizards and magic spells. I’d read Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone more times than I could count.

But I never tired of it. I was obsessed with the book and films.

When I’d met my fiance Ben, 30, in 2012, I’d made my feelings perfectly clear.

‘Love me, love Harry Potter,’ I’d told him jokingly.

Luckily, he was a fan, too.

It wasn’t just the wizard movies we liked, though. Ben and I are huge film buffs.

So, years later, planning our wedding, it was no surprise we wanted something worthy of the silver screen. A traditional, stuffy do just wasn’t us.

‘We could have a Harry Potter theme!’ I suggested excitedly.

But Ben wanted to include his other favourite films in our big day, too.

So we decided to have a ‘magical movie’ theme.

It was important I looked the part. So I found a wizard-worthy dress online. It was a black, lacy number with a long, white cloak.

‘Spectacular!’ I grinned.

Ben got a suit with a teal-green, whimsical shirt and tie.

Our kids Sahara, 5, Orpheus, 3, and Lunaria, 1, wanted fancy-dress outfits, too.

‘I want to be Elsa from Frozen,’ Sahara protested.

I’d already got her and Lunaria cute bridesmaid dresses. But it gave me a great idea about the reception…

‘We should ask our guests to wear fancy dress,’ I told Ben.

He agreed it’d be a laugh.

So, when we sent our invites, we told everyone to dress up.

The invitations were made out of pages from Harry Potter books.

Brunel Photography Bristol

‘Get ready for “a night at the movies”,’ we told everyone.

For my hen do, my friends and I went to visit London’s Harry Potter World.

‘I have to get these!’ I beamed, holding up Ron and Hermione wands from the gift shop.

I also arranged for our wedding cake to contain Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

On the day itself, 6 December last year, I was so excited.

We’d booked a local barn conversion for our ceremony and reception. When I arrived in my dress and cloak, guests snapped away on their cameras.

‘I feel like a film star,’ I joked to my dad David.

Orpheus, a ring bearer, carried our rings in a hollowed-out section of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 15.

The Unbreakable Vow.

After exchanging our vows, Ben and I got ready for our reception.

I changed into a Maleficent costume and Ben was the Gingerbread Man from Shrek. Sahara wore her Elsa dress, Orpheus was the Hulk and Lunaria was Wonder Woman.

Brunel Photography Bristol

Our guests embraced the movie theme, too! People got changed into Disney-themed costumes, and dressed up as film stars and celebrities…

Dad was even The King himself, Elvis.

Everyone had so much fun.

Ben and I even recreated a wand-sparking duel for a brilliant photoshoot.

The day went without a wizarding hitch. We proved that mere Muggles know how to have a truly entrancing time.

I think that, just like the Harry Potter movies, our efforts deserve to win a BAFTA.


Photographs all taken by Brunel Photography Bristol.