A crowdfunding website is allowing ladies across the UK to inflate their savings and get new boobs - with operations paid for by complete strangers! One girl keen to enhance her assets, Natalie McCallum, 25, Nottingham, shares her story...


At just 4ft 8in tall, I got the nickname Little Nat. Being short didn’t bother me but being little in other areas did…I wore 32B bras, and hated my tiny boobs. ‘Good things come in small packages,’ Mum reassured me. Easy for her to say! Her boobs were far bigger than mine, and so were my younger sister Charlotte’s. I was desperate for a boob job. But it’d set me back £4,000. Where would I get the money?

Over the years I’d had various jobs in factories or call centres. After paying rent and bills, I saved what I could each month but it was pennies. Then, one night in 2013, I saw a documentary about a girl who’d funded her surgery on a US website called myfreeimplants.com. She’d post pics and do web chats for blokes. In exchange, they coughed up cash for her boob job fund.

‘But I’m not pretty enough,’ I thought.


I kept saving till March 2015, when a friend showed me her new pert post-op boobs. She’d managed to save up cash for the op. Green with envy, that night, I searched www.myfreeimplants.com. On the website I read dozens of successful testimonies of women who’d successfully got new boobs. All paid for by strangers! It was free to join, so I signed up. Thrilled, the next day, I told my mate, Nicole, 22.

‘There’s got to be a catch!’ she said.

‘You just have to chat to men on webcam,’ I explained. ‘Nothing dirty or weird.’

If guys interacted with my profile, the cash would roll in. It was secure, and my personal details were hidden. So I took the plunge…Most were lonely guys wanting conversation. Some guys had weird fetishes but I’d hit ‘block’ if they were creepy. I logged in every night, and several hours every weekend. One guy was a great help, suggesting money-making ideas.

‘Do a photo auction,’ he suggested.

As I love fancy dress, I auctioned a costume request. The highest bidder got their wish granted. Mostly, I’d wear nurse or schoolgirl uniforms. My rule was no nudity, just fun, flirty shots. I never did anything that made me feel uncomfortable. One guy paid just to watch me paint my toenails! The positive reactions boosted my confidence, too. Six weeks on, I’d hit £1,000!

My dream boobs were in sight.

The most unusual request was from a guy asking if he could pay me £50 to watch him strip! On the webcam, he undressed to Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t cha. To finish, he stuck a candle up his bum!

‘Great stuff!’ I said, complimenting his act – then quickly logged off, giggling.

Approaching my target, in September 2015, I went for my first consultation with a cosmetic-surgery hospital in Birmingham. I chose what sort of implants I’d have, and was told that, as soon as I hit £4,000, I’d get a date for my operation. And, in October 2015, I had £4,000. In six months, I’d done it!

Ready for the op!

Ready for the op!

On 22 April 2016, Nicole came with me for the surgery. At 9.30am, I was so excited I skipped into theatre. Waking one hour on, I immediately grabbed my boobs.

Larger, rounder, firmer!


A 34D, I’d never felt happier. I’d just a couple of bandages and, a month on, I’d healed well. Now, I can’t stop getting them out to show mates! Everyone thinks it’s hilarious how I raised the cash. I know some people think it’s bad but every user’s a consenting adult. You can set your own boundaries. If you ask me, everyone’s a winner!

The website Nat used

The website Nat used


The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has blasted the site. Mary O’Brien, a Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon elected to BAAPS in 2015, says, ‘Young women are engaging in online conversations about these intimate photographs with strangers in return for money. They’re degrading and we’re deeply concerned.’

But site owner, Jay Moore, said the reaction to their website is positive – particularly in the UK. ‘We’re dealing with adults who both make their own decision to either use the website for fundraising, or contribute to those funding surgeries. When you have free will, how can you be exploited?’ he says.