Love was in the air when Rhona Somerville, 50, 
from Kilmacolm, agreed to marry her fella!


Moments before, we’d been ringing in the New Year…

Then, suddenly, my partner Billy, 50, dropped to one knee.

‘Will you marry me?’ he grinned. It took a few seconds for the question to sink in! Then…

‘Yes!’ I beamed, flying happily into his arms.

Launching into planning mode, we agreed on one thing – it had to be something totally different. We’d both been married before, so didn’t fancy a big ‘do’ – just something special for the two of us.

Billy and I had been together nearly two years, after meeting online. On our first date, we’d bonded over our love of flying. I worked as cabin crew, while Billy was in the Royal Navy Reserves, and had done many exercises out of Oban airport on the west coast of Scotland.

runway bride

Rhona and Billy on the airport runway (Photo: SWNS)

‘How about we get married there?’ Billy suggested.

‘At the airport?’ I laughed.

It sounded bonkers – but perfect for us. I thought we’d no chance of getting agreement for our plan, but, after a couple of phone calls, the airport manager there gave our sky-high idea the go-ahead!

Next, we contacted the registrar, who was excited about conducting a ceremony so different. With our plans coming together, I bought a beautiful ivory gown from a local boutique.

We invited only four guests – Billy’s sister Jean and her hubby Duncan, and my friend Eileen and her hubby Kenny. The night before, the six of us stayed in a hotel at the end of the runway.

Oban is a quiet airport, dealing with mostly light aircraft, and is run by the Fire Service. So, on 25 April this year, after I’d had my hair and make-up done with Jean and Eileen, my bridesmaids, a fire officer picked us up in a fire engine. It even had wedding ribbons tied to it!

Then a piper accompanied me as I walked up the runway to where Billy was waiting. He looked so handsome in his Naval uniform as we tied the knot on the windswept landing strip!

So romantic.

We had to clear the runway just moments after, to allow an incoming light aircraft to land. It’d come in 25 minutes early due to a tail wind, and had been circling the airport while we’d exchanged our wedding rings. When they disembarked, the passengers looked baffled to see a bride, groom, and wedding party in the hangar.

Afterwards, we had our wedding photos taken in the air-traffic control tower. Then, we toasted our marriage over a lovely dinner in the hotel, overlooking the airport. We even had a specially designed cake in the shape of a runway, complete with an aeroplane, bride and groom. Perfect!

runway bride


Then we took to the skies, as we jetted off for our honeymoon – a gorgeous Caribbean cruise. Everything was exactly as we’d imagined it would be. And, despite our runway wedding, there was certainly nothing plane about our big day!

Now we’re both enjoying wedded bliss. You could say we’re flying high!