When it came to dating, Ania Crosby, 21, decided to strip back to basics - literally! She peeled off her clothes on national TV for a new dating show, in an attempt to find her perfect match. Ania, from Preston, Lancashire, shares her story...


There was no way I was doing it. Appearing on 
TV, completely naked? 
Fat chance! It was early this year and I’d been contacted by television producers.

They were filming a new 
show for Channel 4, in which participants had to strip off to meet potential dates.  I’d recently appeared on E4’s Tattoo Fixers, when I’d had 
a script tattoo on my ribs transformed into a pretty moth.

The producers 
had seen me on it 
and thought I’d be 
a good contestant 
on the new show Naked Attraction. When I told my friends, they were surprised I’d turned 
it down. ‘You’re not exactly shy,’ one said. ‘We’ve all seen you naked!’

SWNS - Ania Crosby

SWNS – Ania Crosby

There was no denying that.  I was confident about my size-6 figure and would often strip off in front of my mates to apply fake tan. And, the more I thought about it, the more I realised I had nothing to lose.

I’d been single for a while, was keen to meet Mr Right, and was having no luck with dating 
app Tinder.

So I agreed 
to meet with 
the producers.  ‘Participants choose their dates based on how they look naked,’ I was told.

It was purely about physical, sexual attraction. And, when you’re stark naked, you’ve nothing to hide.

So I agreed to take part.

Weeks later, in March this year, I travelled to London for 
the filming of the show. For round one, I was 
faced with six men. (Or, rather, six pairs of legs and six willies!)

SWNS - Naked Attraction

SWNS – Naked Attraction

Their top halves were behind a screen, and they were naked from the waist down! I had to stifle a laugh.

I giggled. I didn’t know where to look. I’m no prude, but the whole thing felt 
so bizarre.

So I had the fellas turn round, and I eliminated 
the one whose bum I liked least. Next, the screen moved up and the men’s torsos were revealed.  ‘He looks nice and strong,’ 
I gushed, admiring a pair of tanned biceps.

Eventually, I whittled the men down to just two. By now, their faces had been revealed. Both seemed confident in the buff… Then it was my turn to strip 
off – it was about to be the moment of naked truth!

Peeling away my clothes, 
I felt surprisingly unfazed. I’d no inhibitions as I bared 
my bum and boobs on camera. And both 
men seemed impressed!

SWNS - Naked Attraction

SWNS – Naked Attraction

I chose Jamie from Essex 
for my date. The following day, we met up for a drink – fully clothed!

The date was lovely, but Jamie and I didn’t have the spark you need to make 
it work.

I’d already told my mum Louise, 52, about the show, and she hadn’t had 
a problem with me stripping 
off on TV. ‘I’ll just fast forward the naked parts,’ she joked.

When the episode eventually aired in August, I watched it with my mates. But, as the opening sequence started to roll… ‘I can’t look,’ I cringed, holding a pillow to my face.

Friends and family were proud of me for putting it all on show, though – and I even received messages from strangers 
on Twitter. What a strong, independent woman, someone said.
And my phone didn’t 
stop beeping with loads of 
Tinder matches. I think I’ve just seen you 
naked, someone else wrote, and 
I had to laugh.

Since then, I’ve been on a few more dates. But I’m conscious that now people have seen me starkers, it’s taken some of the mystery out of dating. So I’m hoping I can meet someone who hasn’t seen the show.

Maybe they won’t recognise me with my clothes on, anyway!