What was Jessica thinking when she left oil burning on the stove?


The verdict

Jessica was found guilty. (Photo: PA Photos)

Jessica Tata was found guilty of felony murder for the death of Elias Castillo.

It seemed she made a habit of leaving the children in their cots while she went shopping.

Tata was sentenced to 80 years in prison, eligible for parole in 30 years, and fined around £6,000.

In January 2013, prosecutors dropped the remaining charges against Tata.

‘[Jurors] heard about all of the kids, all seven were mentioned from beginning to end,’ said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Steve Baldassano. ‘I think the 80-year sentence reflected that.’

He said there was no way to stack additional sentences on top of the 80-year punishment, so any more trials would be redundant.

‘There’s really no reason to drag the families through all of that again,’ he said.


By Rachel Tompkins

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