Or was his wife really capable of killing her devoted hubby as he slept?

Carolyn and Roy

Carolyn and Roy

Things had been tough for Roy Joe McCaleb. The Korean War veteran’s 22-year marriage had ended in 1978. Two years later, he’d lost his daughter to a degenerative disease. Sadly, his son had also been diagnosed with the same illness.

So when he’d met Carolyn Krizan-Wilson in the early 1980s, his luck was about to change. The personnel worker immediately caught construction foreman Roy’s eye.

Carolyn was the doting mother of two sons. Roy had his own house and could provide the security Carolyn craved.

They married in 1984, even though Carolyn had been married six times before. The only hint of trouble between them was that Carolyn didn’t seem to gel with Roy’s disabled son. So Roy’s son moved out.

In September 1985, Roy, 51, needed back surgery.

On Sunday 22 September 1985, Roy and Carolyn, 43, had been at their Houston home. One of Carolyn’s sons and his girlfriend was staying.

Kissing his wife goodnight, Roy hobbled to a separate bedroom, needing a bed to himself while he recovered.

Just hours later, Roy was shot as he slept. Hearing the gunshot, Carolyn ran to his side.

She called the police and explained that someone had walked into the house through an unlocked door.

She said that the intruder had held a knife to her throat and raped her. Horrific. Then, finding the revolver she kept underneath her pillow, the man headed to Roy’s bedroom.

As the killer fled, she’d collided with him in the hall, and he’d dropped the gun. She’d picked it up and fired two shots after him… But she’d missed.

Police told her not to bathe, to preserve evidence of the rape, but she didn’t listen.

Days later, when police questioned Carolyn further, she said she’d been carjacked and raped 10 days earlier.

She claimed it was the same man. So why hadn’t she reported it? Carolyn said she hadn’t wanted to hinder Roy’s recovery.

Officers doubted her story. For one, Carolyn gave conflicting descriptions of her attacker.

She was also set to inherit thousands from Roy’s life insurance. Was that motive for murder?

Carolyn went on to marry again. It ended in divorce in 1993.

But her two sons married, and she was blessed with four grandchildren. It didn’t stop Pam and Roy’s sister contacting the police each year.

And in 2008 – 23 years after Roy’s death – the case was reopened.

Carolyn was arrested. ‘I would never hurt Roy,’ she insisted.

The case was dismissed because too much time had passed.

But in 2013, after going through the appeal courts, the case came to court again.

So was Carolyn a callous wife who’d become a husband killer? Or had the widow and her devoted hubby really been attacked in their home?

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