When people commit crimes, it's expected they'll be punished. But some prisons are more deadly than others. Here are six of the world's most dangerous prisons...


1. Carandiru Penitentiary, in Brazil, South America, was arguably the most violent and deadly prison in the world. 102 inmates were shot dead in a violent prison massacre in 1992. The prison, which was demolished in 2002, was also known for terrible health problems, and it’s believed nearly one in five inmates were diagnosed with HIV.

Corridor of Prison with Cells


2. Alcatraz Island Prison, located on Alctraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, California, has been shut down for many years. But the prison housed some of America’s most dangerous criminals. One of its most famous prisoners was Al “Scarface” Capone – an American gangster known for many brutal acts of violence. The prison was known for its violent escape attempts, the most notorious being the “Battle of Alcatraz”, in May 1946. The unsuccessful escape attempt resulted in two guards being killed along with three inmates. Alcatraz was forced to close its doors on 21 March 1963, because of its poor reputation and the high cost of maintaining the prison.

PA Images - Alcatraz Prison 1941

Alcatraz Prison 1941 (Photo: PA Photos)

3. Diyarbakir Prison, in Diyarbakir, Turkey, is known for being notoriously inhumane. It’s thought children used to be incarcerated at the prison for lifelong sentences. The prison reeks of violence too. Apparently, in 1996, an incident occurred where guards and police beat prisoners severely. This incident resulted in the death of 10 prisoners and left 23 injured.

orange jumpsuit and handcuffed hands


4. San Quentin Prison was established in 1852, and is the oldest prison in the state of California. It was built by prisoners, and housed male and female inmates until 1933. Although the prison has a gas chamber, the only executions performed there are by lethal injection. Violence is a continual issue at San Quentin, even with a large staff of guards. In February 2006, racially motivated attacks resulted in the injuries of 100 inmates. Additionally, two inmates were killed. The prison is known for its poor conditions, and a 2005 report stated ‘it is our opinion that it is dangerous to house people there.’

PA Images - San Quentin State Prison 2016

San Quentin State Prison 2016 (Photo: PA Photos)

5. La Sabaneta Prison, in Venezuela, South America, is designed to house 15,000 prisoners, but actually houses 25,000. Hugely overcrowded, the prison is also greatly understaffed, with approximately one guard for every 150 inmates. The prison is known for its violent incidents. A violent gun battle in 1994 resulted in the death of 108 prisoners. Additionally, 196 prisoners were killed and 624 wounded because of jail violence in 1995.

Fingerprints handcuffs


6. Bang Kwang Prison, in Bangkok, Thailand, is nicknamed “the Bangkok Hilton.” However, with its crammed, small cells, and desth row inmates, it’s not a place anyone would want to stay! It’s believed inmates are crammed into small cells, and death row inmates are often given as little as two hours notice before they are dragged off to their execution.