We look at notorious UK crimes and where they took place...


Murder of Rebecca Aylward

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On 25 October 2010, Rebecca Aylward, 
15, awoke at 6am, did her make-up, put on new clothes.
She was excited about meeting ex-boyfriend Joshua Davies, 16, hoping they’d rekindle 
their relationship.
But Davies 
hated Rebecca. With mates he met on Sundays 
for breakfast, he’d discussed ways to kill her – poisoning, drowning, pushing her off a cliff.
In the end, that rainy morning, Davies lured her 
to secluded woods near Aberkenfig, Bridgend, and 
hit her over the head with a rock.
Rebecca’s distraught family reported her missing and her body was found the next day.
And Joshua Davies 
was arrested.
His murder trial heard he’d killed Rebecca over a bet for a free breakfast.
A mate had said he’d buy him a ‘full English’ 
if he carried 
out his threats.
Davies was convicted, jailed for life to serve 
a minimum term 
of 14 years in prison.

John Cooper

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In December 1985, farmer Richard Thomas, 58, and his sister Helen, 56, were shot dead, and their home near Milford Haven set alight.
In June 1989, couple Peter and Gwenda Dixon, 51 and 52, were shot dead on a coastal path. They’d been tied up and robbed, Gwenda sexually assaulted.
Then, in March 1996, five Milford Haven teens were held at gunpoint. One girl, 16, was raped at knifepoint, another, 15, indecently assaulted.
Police long suspected 
a local convicted burglar, John Cooper, who was finally charged in 2006 on a review of DNA evidence.
Convicted of four murders, five attempted robberies, rape and indecent assault, he was given a whole-life sentence.

Murder of Ffion Wyn Roberts

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Ffion Wyn Roberts’ body was found in a drainage ditch behind her Porthmadog home in April 2010. She’d last been seen alive enjoying a night out with family and friends.
Detectives launched a massive murder hunt and, eight weeks later, arrested local Iestyn Davies at his workplace, a wool factory close to Ffion’s home. Davies was known to Ffion’s family.
Davies’ murder trial heard he’d attacked Ffion, 22, as she made her way home. He’d beaten her, strangled her with her own scarf and left the care worker to drown in the ditch.
DNA traces were found on the scarf and Davies was captured on CCTV in the area at the time she was killed. He was found guilty, jailed for life, with a minimum 25-year term.

Murder of April Jones

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April Jones, just 5 years old, disappeared on 
1 October 2012, while playing on her bike 
near her home in Machynlleth, mid Wales.
April’s friend said she’d willingly got into 
a car with a man.
Her hysterical parents Coral and Paul called the police, sparking the largest search in UK policing history. Within hours, media appeals were made and April’s photo hit global news.
Police set up roadblocks, hundreds of volunteers searched and, the next evening, local Mark Bridger, 46, was arrested.
The desperate search for April continued.
After five days, Bridger was charged with April’s abduction and murder. Her body was never found.
At Bridger’s April 2013 trial, it emerged that tiny, burnt bone pieces were found in his fireplace, and 
that blood in his cottage living 
room matched April’s DNA.
Bridger was convicted of abducting and murdering April 
and jailed for life.

Ian Watkins

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In December 2012, Ian Watkins – lead singer of award- winning band Lostprophets, with 3.5m album sales worldwide – was arrested on charges of child abuse.
As the case unfolded, horrifying details emerged. Watkins seduced female fans he met online and manipulated them until they allowed him to use their children to fulfil his depraved sex fantasies.
In November 2013, Watkins was jailed for 35 years after admitting a string of child sex offences, including attempted rape of 
a baby and sexually abusing children.
His two 
co-defendants – 
the two mothers 
of children he abused – were jailed 
for 14 and 17 years.
The judge, Mr Justice Royce, said the case ‘plunged into 
new depths of depravity’.