Terry Blair was born and raised in a family where violence, murder and prison were all par for the course.


A taste for violence ran in Terry Blair’s family…

He was the fourth of 10 children born to mentally ill single mum Janice, living in poverty in Kansas City, USA.

In August 1978, Terry, 17, heard gunshots outside the house. He ran in to find Janice’s drug-dealer boyfriend bleeding to death. Janice was arrested.

Due to her mental illness, she was only given five years’ probation and ordered to receive psychiatric care.

Over the next three years Terry witnessed more brutality. First, his brother, Walter, was paid £4,000 to murder a rape victim before she could testify. Walter was sentenced to death.

Then another brother, Clifford Miller, got two life sentences plus 240 years for kidnapping, shooting and brutally raping a woman.

And Terry’s sister, Warnetta, 25, and her husband, Niola White III, were charged with stabbing a man to death.

Years later, Warnetta’s two sons would become convicted murderers, too. And she was jailed for suffocating her crack-dealing boyfriend….

In May 1982, aged just 20, Terry Blair graduated to murder too. He’d killed his ex, Angela Monroe, 19. She’d been seven months pregnant.

Blair confessed that he’d brutally beaten her to death after discovering she was a prostitute.

He was convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 24 years.

In January 2004, he was released on parole. He alternated staying with his mother and sister in the poverty-stricken Prospect Avenue area.

That July, police found the body of prostitute Anna Ewing, 42, on nearby wasteland. She’d been beaten and strangled with her own clothes.


Anna Ewing was found murdered (Photo: PA Photos)

Weeks later, an officer investigating a foul smell discovered two bodies under a tarpaulin in an abandoned garage. One was prostitute Sheliah McKinzie, 38. Her neck had been broken, a man’s semen was found in her vagina and rectum. Beneath her body lay Patricia Wilson, 45, also a prostitute. She was so decomposed, the cause of death was unknown.

Blair phoned police anonymously. ‘I put it there,’ he bragged, unaware the two bodies had already been found.

Police soon unearthed remains of prostitute Carmen Hunt, 40, behind flats. But Blair wasn’t finished.

The next night he phoned police again, reporting ‘two more bodies, both prostitutes’.

‘You can smell her,’ he said.

‘Why did you kill these prostitutes?’ the dispatcher asked.

‘Because they are scum,’ came the reply.

Police found two more bodies. Both women, strangled with their own clothes, their necks broken.

Two days later, a prostitute flagged down police, terrified.

She used the flat above Janice’s, said Blair now admitted he’d killed his ex because she’d become a prostitute.

Then he’d said ‘he was going to kill all prostitutes…because they were scum of the earth’.

Blair was arrested and denied any connection to the victims. But his DNA matched semen found on Sheliah McKinzie’s body.

Terry Blair, 43, was charged with five murders. In March 2008, he was convicted of all five.

Blair faced justice (Photo: PA Photos)

Blair faced justice (Photo: PA Photos)

The judge said: ‘This defendant’s ego has an insatiable appetite for brutality, particularly inflicted on women.’

He sentenced Blair to six consecutive life terms, without the possibility of parole. Like his brother, he’ll die in jail.