Joanna Dennehy derived sexual pleasure from giving pain. During a two week period in March 2013, she murdered three men and left two more for dead.


Joanna Dennehy was a normal, happy child. She excelled at school. She was bright and bookish, played hockey and netball on the school teams. Her parents dreamed she would go to university. Instead Joanna Dennehy chose a very different path…

As a teenager she descended into drink and drugs. Leaving home at 15, she began a relationship with an older man. They had two children, but their relationship was volatile. It ended when her partner took their children away, complaining of Dennehy’s violence.

After the break-up, Dennehy moved to Peterborough and began living in a bedsit owned by Kevin Lee. In 2012 she was admitted to a psychiatric unit and diagnosed with a series of psychopathic and other disorders. And the following year, in March 2013, Dennehy killed three men, in a two-week frenzy of sadistic violence.

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The first was a Polish man, 31-year-old Lukasz Slaboszewski, who believed Dennehy was his girlfriend. He was lured to a property in Peterborough via suggestive text messages, then stabbed through the heart. His body was dumped in a wheelie bin.

Within 10 days, Dennehy used a pocket knife to kill her housemate, John Chapman, 56. She stabbed him once in the neck, twice in the heart, and three times in the chest. Afterwards, she phoned a friend and sung the Britney Spears song Oops, I Did It Again.

The third victim was her landlord and lover, Kevin Lee, 48. Lee was found in a ditch dressed in a black sequinned dress, with his buttocks exposed in what the judge said was a ‘final humiliation’.

Dennehy desired to kill again. So she headed to Hereford, and on 2 April, she stabbed Robin Bereza from behind. Nine minutes later she stabbed John Rogers, leaving him for dead and stealing his dog. These two men survived.

John Rogers and Robin Bereza (Picture: PA Photos)

Dennehy became excited at reports police were hunting for her. But her 14 days of carnage was over. She’d killed three men and seriously wounded two.

In November 2013, Joanna Dennehy appeared at The Old Bailey and pleaded guilty to murdering the three men and preventing the burial of their bodies. She also admitted to the attempted murder of two other men – Bereza and Rogers. She was sentenced to a whole life term.

Dennehy laughed in the dock as the judge said she was ‘a cruel, calculating, selfish and manipulative serial killer’. He said she had a ‘sadistic lust’ for blood. Police believed she murdered men ‘for fun’.  She is only the third woman in English criminal history to be assessed to be so dangerous she can never be released.