Kenneth McDuff felt like a 'little god'. But even he couldn't escape a day of reckoning...


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Kenneth McDuff grew up in tiny Rosebud, Texas with a wealthy father and domineering mother.

Mother Addie and her eldest three daughters worshipped Kenneth. He ruled the family like a god.

Schoolmates were awed by his wealth. Addie even bought him a motorbike.

He bullied classmates, terrorised teachers.

McDuff dropped out of school and became a burglar. Then, aged 17, he raped a woman, cut her throat, and left her in a ditch. He was never caught.

However, at 18 he was convicted of so many burglaries, an adult would have served 52 years, but McDuff was out in nine months.

And now he had a sidekick…

Roy Dale Green, 18, was fascinated by McDuff’s sick boast that he’d raped and strangled women.

Green didn’t really believe him. But in August 1966, McDuff forced Edna Sullivan, 16, her boyfriend and his cousin into his car at gunpoint.

He shot both boys as they begged for their lives.

McDuff raped Edna – and forced Green to rape her. Finally, he throttled her with a broomstick.

Tragic Edna was throttled with a broomstick (Photo: PA Photos)

Tragic Edna was throttled with a broomstick (Photo: PA Photos)

Traumatised, next day Green confessed to police.

At the ‘Broomstick Murderer’ trial, the local sheriff called McDuff ‘the most remorseless and sadistic killer’.

Green was sentenced to 25 years, serving half before he got parole. McDuff was sentenced to death.

But in 1972, it was commuted to life. Then in 1989, due to prison overcrowding, McDuff was freed due to prison overcrowding.

The stunned sheriff predicted: ‘Dead girls are going to start turning up…’

Three days later, Sarafia Parker, 31, was found stripped and strangled in a nearby field.

Police could find no evidence to connect McDuff. However, he was soon returned to jail for a racist knife attack.

Somehow, in December 1990 McDuff walked free again. Now he moved randomly across Texas.

Women began disappearing…

Cynthia Gonzalez, 23 was found raped and murdered. Then prostitute Brenda Thompson, and five days later, prostitute Regenia Moore, 17.

Regenia Moore, just 17, was yet another victim (Photo: PA Photos)

Regenia Moore, just 17, was yet another victim (Photo: PA Photos)

Yet again, McDuff felt invulnerable, openly abducting Colleen Reed, 28, from a car wash.

Another prostitute’s body was found in a shallow grave. And on 1 March 1992, he abducted pregnant mum-of-two Melissa Northrup from a shop.

She’d be found months later in a gravel pit – naked, strangled.

Police learned McDuff’s first rape victim, the woman he’d left to die aged 17, had survived.

And she’d had McDuff’s baby. The daughter had visited her father in jail aged 21, and he’d boasted that his family had paid a bribe to secure his parole – then offered to be her pimp after his release…

Horrified, she’d cut all contact.

Finally, McDuff was captured and given two more death sentences for the murders of Melissa Northrup and Colleen Reed.

McDuff was given the death sentence (Photo: PA Photos)

McDuff was given the death sentence (Photo: PA Photos)

Authorities believed he’d killed many more women. But McDuff wouldn’t talk, insisting he was innocent.

On 17 November 1998, Kenneth McDuff said: ‘I’m ready to be released from me.’

Then he was given the lethal injection.

No longer a little god, above mere mortals, he paid the price for his terrible crimes at last.