Psychics often claim they help police solve crimes, help locate missing people and catch killers with their clairvoyant abilities. Here are just a few psychic detectives who believe they’ve helped solve a mystery.


UK: Dennis McKenzie and the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

PA Photos

PA Photos

In August 2002, 10 year olds, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman went missing from a family barbecue in Soham.

Desperate for answers, Holly’s family contacted a psychic – Dennis McKenzie.

‘I am really sorry, but both girls are dead,’ he told them, believing they’d been murdered.

He went on to describe a woman with a ‘shrew-like face’ with brown hair and a man in his 30s – both with Northern accents.

He also told the family the girls had been transported in an old red car and wrapped in something like carpet or bubble wrap. He even described the view from the killer’s house.

Soon the girls bodies were found and a man and woman matching McKenzie’s descriptions were arrested.

Ian Huntley claimed the girls had died at his home by accident. The view from the Huntely’s home matched McKenzie’s description.

He was eventually found guilty of murder and his girlfriend Maxine Carr was convicted of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Holly’s family have since praised McKenzie for his help in solving what happened to the girls.

Australia: Debbie Malone and the murder of Maria Scott

maria scott

In 2003, the badly decomposed body of Maria Scott, a 27-year-old prostitute, was found dumped on a farm.

She’d been stabbed five times. Mark Brown, a farm worker who’d met Maria in rehab, was police’s main suspect.

But their investigation came to a halt when they discovered he’d moved to another area and committed suicide, before they had a chance to interrogate him.

Four years later, an investigator decided to seek help from Debbie Malone – a well-known psychic.

She lead police to a cabin where she believed Maria had been killed. She even located the exact knife used in the murder which was found lodged in a drainpipe.

She also told investigators she felt the murderer walk through her as she entered the cabin – something that could only happen if he was a ghost.

This fitted their theory that Brown had killed Maria before committing suicide.


Australia: Phillpe Durant and the murder of Paula Brown

paula brown

In 1996 a popular hairdresser, Paula Brown, 30, from Sydney Australia, went missing after a night out with friends.

Her fiancé was desperate to find out what’d happened to her. So he enlisted the help of psychic Phillipe Durant.

Durant used a lock of Paula’s hair, a plumb line and a grid map to pinpoint where he believed police should focus their search.

Later her body was discovered by a passing truck driver. It was less than two kilometers from the spot where Durant had pointed out.

Police later acknowledged the accuracy in Durant’s information.


USA: Etta Smith and the murder of Melanie Uribe


When nurse, Melanie Uribe, 31, missed two days of work in 1980, her friends and family were concerned.

Her disappearance was reported but searches failed to turn up anything.

Clairvoyant, Etta Smith, was sure police weren’t looking in the correct places. She believed Melanie’s body was in a bush, in a rural area of Los Angeles.

She relayed her visions to police then decided to investigate herself. She went searching for Melanie with her children and niece and found Melanie’s dead body in the exact location of her psychic vision.

Doubting her story, police arrested Smith on suspicion of murder. However, she was released four days later and never charged.

Later, the real murderer was caught and convicted.


USA: Pascarella Downey and the murder of Penney Serra

penney serra

In 1971 Penney Serra, 21, was brutally murdered in Connecticut.

A detective at the time decided to ask psychic Pasacarella Downey for help in solving the murder.

Downey claimed the murderer had the smell of oil and had worn a mechanic’s uniform. She also claimed to see the letter ‘E’ on a nametag.

She predicted the killer wouldn’t be caught immediately but that ‘blood can tell.’

Sure enough, 26 years later Edward Grant was convicted of the murder thanks to DNA testing and fingerprint matches.

He was also a mechanic at the time of the murder proving Downey’s predictions to be spookily accurate.