Bodies of murder victims have been concealed in some odd locations by their killers, often leading to gruesome shocks for those who discover the corpses. Here are just nine of the places bodies were found.


1. In barrels

When it comes to odd places bodies were found, the events in Snowtown, Australia are particularly gruesome. Back in 1999, eight dismembered bodies were discovered in barrels in the vault of an abandoned bank in the town. John Bunting and Robert Wagner had not only killed these and three more people between them, a lit cigarette had been put into the ear of one victim, pliers used to break the toes of others and another given electic shocks before being killed. A witness in the eventual trial even testified that the killers had eaten the flesh of one of the victims. The events of the crime were depicted in the 2011 film Snowtown.

2. In the cellar

A gruesome find was made in a Notting Hill cellar back in 2002. The skeleton of a woman tied up with electrical flex was discovered after a tip-off. The woman – identified as Bridget McHugh – was murdered at the age of 27 or 28 in 1961, more than 40 years before her remains were discovered, however the police only became aware she had disappeared when her grown-up daughters reported her missing in May 2000.

3. In lunchboxes

In a particularly gruesome murder, Chau Hoi-Leung coaxed his parents round for a meal, then killed them, chopped up his murder victims, and cooked them with rice. Some of their body parts and organs were stored in a deep freeze. Detectives found their heads in the man’s flat and also discovered  that parts of a body that would not fit in the fridge had been salted and put into lunchboxes.

4. Up a chimney

The last thing a work crew dismantling a derelict log cabin in Colorado expected to find was a dead body. But a decomposed corpse and presumed murder victim is what they discovered in the chimney. The cabin had once been part of an illegal gambling operation, but had been empty for a decade before the body was found. It had its knees above its head with one arm raised to its face

5. In the freezer

In 2011 in Norfolk, a dead woman’s body was found concealed in a freezer. Her pub landlord partner had denied murdering the woman but the verdict of the jury was unanimous. He had shot her then left her in the bath for two days before moving the body to the freezer in an outhouse. He was sentenced to life.

Policeman stands by spot where manhole cover over drain where Lesley Whittle's body was found

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6. Down a drainage shaft

In a notorious crime back in 1975, Donald Neilson kidnapped 17-year-old heiress Lesley Whittle, and demanded a ransom of £50,000. Though an attempt to pay the ransom was made, no-one turned up to collect it, and Lesley’s body was later found hanging from a steel wire in a drainage shaft in Staffordshire. Neilson was given life and died in prison in 2011.

7. In a suitcase

A murderer was caught on CCTV in 2015 as he dragged a suitcase from his flat to the Grand Union canal in London. When the occupants of a houseboat spotted hair flowing out of the case some 10 days later, after the suitcase hit their boat, the body of the killer’s girlfriend was found inside. She had been either unconscious, dead or dying when he put the case in the water, and the man was convicted of murder and sentenced to life.

8. Behind the bath

Back in 2006, in the first retrial under new double jeopardy rules in the UK, a man pleaded guilty to the murder of a pizza delivery girl back in 1989. He had concealed her body behind a bath panel at her home after strangling and sexually assaulting her. William ‘Billy’ Dunlop was tried twice previously, but both times the jury failed to reach a verdict. Dunlop later admitted the killing at a time when the double jeopardy rule prevented him being prosecuted for the crime, however, once the law was changed, he was brought to court again and pleaded guilty.

9. In a wardrobe

The murderer of a women whose body was found in a wardrobe in West Yorkshire in 1996 sparked a national manhunt last year when he absconded from a bail hostel while on parole. William Kerr was rearrested in London after three weeks on the run. The killer had originally been sentenced to life for strangling his victim before hiding her body in the wardrobe.