Noor Ellis was having marriage problems. Her solution? To have husband Robert killed – and now she could enjoy his money…


In October 2014, Robert Ellis was attacked by five men in his kitchen. They slit his throat, then wrapped his body in plastic and dumped it. But they weren’t behind the brutal slaying…

Robert and Noor Ellis lived in a luxury villa in tropical Bali, Indonesia – and had the lifestyle to match.

Wealthy Robert gave Noor stacks of credit cards to buy whatever she fancied – usually jewellery, clothes, shoes.

The couple had two sons – Peter, 20, and John, 24. The boys were brought up by nannies and sent to boarding school, but their parents were loving and attentive.

They enjoyed fishing trips together at weekends, and their dad would treat them to fancy dinners when they visited home.

Robert was originally from Australia, but was welcomed by the local community, who admired him and Noor for proving mixed-race marriages can be a success.

To anyone looking on, they had the perfect life. But cracks were beginning to show – the couple had started sleeping in separate rooms, and Noor stopped joining family days out.

The family assumed it was just an adjustment period after Peter and John had finished school and left home for good.

But they were clues something was deeply wrong. And, just weeks later, Robert’s body was found in the middle of a rice field in rural Bali.

Peter learned the terrible news of his father’s death after scrolling through his Facebook feed.

‘Initially, I couldn’t imagine it would have been Dad,’ Peter said.

But it was.

Robert’s throat had been slit, and his corpse wrapped in plastic before being cruelly dumped.

Once the news was out, Noor blanked calls from her sons, who were worried something might have happened to her as well.

In fact, she was hiding away out of guilt.

A few days on, Noor confessed to police she was behind the murder.

She claimed she was sick of not getting enough money from Robert’s businesses, and that he was a womaniser.

‘Because his attitude didn’t change, I couldn’t stand it any more,’ Noor said.

‘As a wife, my husband was supposed to fulfil my need physically and mentally, but he never did. For 11 years, I endured it.

‘Once, I asked for divorce but he didn’t want to. He said we should just go on, in our own way.’

With Robert refusing to give up on the marriage, Noor took matters into her own hands.

She was obsessed with black magic, tried to put a voodoo curse on Robert. When that failed, it was time for more drastic action.

She’d previously boasted to friends that she could have her husband killed. Now, she decided the time was right for her plan.

She paid five assassins AUS$14,000 (around £8,400) to kill Robert.

Everything was carefully planned. Noor even had the pillow ready for the hitmen to suffocate Robert.

But, when Robert fought back, one of his attackers grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed his throat instead.

As her husband took his last breaths, Noor stood nearby, watching and listening – and doing nothing to help.

She then provided the men with plastic in which to wrap his body before they got rid of it.

When Robert’s body was found, his wrists and ankles had been bound together.

Police said his throat had been slashed ‘like a pig’.

And, now, Noor approached her sons. They were both devastated after losing their devoted father in a such a terrible way.

According to Peter and John, their mother offered them money, in return for asking for her early release.

‘I’m the only one you’ve got now, so now it’s time to help me,’ she told them.

But the boys, horrified by their mother’s callous, cold-hearted actions, refused to help, and have consequently been denied their inheritance.

In court, they were further disgusted by the accusations of Noor’s defence that their father was a womaniser, who deprived their mother of cash.

In fact, according to family and friends, Noor’s purse was always bursting with cash, and it was her who denied Robert affection.

Noor Ellis (Photo: Getty Images)

There have even been suggestions she was the one who was having an affair.

For Peter and John Ellis, enough was enough. They decided to completely disown their mother, and only refer to her in the past tense.

‘One hundred per cent, it is like she is dead,’ Peter said.

After admitting her guilt, Robert’s family and friends expected Noor to be given a lengthy jail term – or even the death sentence.

Instead, she was jailed for just 12 years, along with two of the hitmen she hired.

The judge said her lenient sentence for premeditated murder was justified by her remorse and politeness in court.

After the verdict, Peter tweeted, Noor Ellis has just been given 12 years for the premeditated murder of my father. What a disgrace.

He later added, If Noor Ellis’ lawyers think she deserves to be freed, I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

Furious, Peter and John say they will never forgive their mother for what she’s done.