Fadi Nasri was beyond suspicion for the murder of his wife Nisha. But six months after her death, a police discovery caused his web of lies to begin to unravel...



In May 2016, Special Constable Nisha Patel Nasri, 29, was stabbed to death at her home in Wembley, north west London. A single stab wound to the leg had severed an artery and she slowly bled to death.

It appeared to all that she’d interrupted a burglary and paid with her life. On national TV, her husband Fadi, 34, appealed for help in catching her killer.

‘Someone has got a guilty conscience,’ he said to the cameras.

The case was cold for six months. Then, in September, police found the murder weapon. A knife that had been missing from the Nasri’s kitchen was discovered in a nearby drain.

CCTV footage showed that on the night of the murder a silver Audi had pulled up next to the drain. It belonged to a nightclub bouncer. He told officers that it was his friend, Jason Jones, 36, who’d disposed of the knife that night.

Both men were charged with murder.

And Jones’ phone records connected him to Rodger Leslie, a London drug dealer…and to Fadi Nasri, Nisha’s husband.

Before this discovery, Fadi had been beyond suspicion.  He had an alibi and had appeared to police to be a grieving widower. Now officers swooped and he and Leslie were also charged with murder.

Investigations revealed that Nasri was living a double life.

He’d been having a passionate affair with a Lithuanian prostitute and was over £100,000 in debt. Police believed he’d paid Jones £15,000 to kill his wife to benefit from her life insurance and allow him to live with his mistress.

The deal had been set up my Nasri’s underworld friend Leslie. At the Old Bailey in February 2008, the bouncer, Jones, Leslie and Fadi Nasri all denied murder.

The bouncer was acquitted. But all three of the others were found guilty and given life sentences.

‘Someone’s got a guilty conscience,’ Nasri had said when he appealed to find his wife’s killer. Yet he’s never shown a shred of remorse.