A year on, no-one knows who is responsible for the death of Connie Dabate.


On 31 December 2015, the community of Ellington, Connecticut gathered at church to say goodbye to one of their own. Two days before Christmas that year, police had responded to a burglar alarm at a local home. Inside they found the dead body of Connie Dabate, 39.

The mum of two had been shot twice, in the head and abdomen. Her husband Richard was also injured, but not fatally. He told police that Connie had been killed in a home invasion.  As the town gathered for her funeral there was grief at Connie’s loss but also shock that such a terrible crime could happen in a quiet, well-to-do town.


With the online tributes that appeared for Connie, there were questions too.  I’m anxiously awaiting news and justice, one local wrote. We all hope answers are found soon, posted another. But the residents of the town of Ellington are still hoping.

PA Photos

The Dabate home (Photo: PA Photos)

As they await the first anniversary of Connie’s murder approaches, no arrests have been made. Fear and uncertainty have grown in the once peaceful town as they wonder if a killer walks amongst them.


The local newspaper has reported that two months before Connie was killed, two separate police reports were made by the Dabates. In early October, Connie found rags stuffed into her exhaust pipe. A week later, a police were called again after Richard’s windshield was cracked. Was the culprit of this vandalism the same person responsible for killing Connie?

Police are keeping details of their investigation under wraps. Richard is now raising his and Connie’s young sons, who were at school at the time of the murder. Meanwhile the community continues to wonder about really happened to her, and whether they’ll ever know the answer…