Making a Murderer has been a big hit for Netflix, everywhere you go people are talking about it. Here's some details of this shocking case that have truly blown our minds...


1. The e-fit from Steven Avery’s first trial.



2. Even before a body was found the police had been calling for Avery’s arrest.

3. Manitowoc County officer Andrew Colburn calling in murder victim Teresa Halbach’s missing car days before it was supposed to be found.

4. Police allowing family and friends of Halbach to search the grounds of the Avery property without ever being questioned for their own alibis, giving the opportunity for future evidence to be tampered with.

5. The police questioning Avery’s then girlfriend Jodi, at the time of Teresa Halbach murder, while Jodi was in prison.

6. Avery speaking to Jodi in prison twice on the evening he supposedly murdered Teresa.

7. Halbach’s car being found on the property. Avery could’ve easily disposed of the car (the family scrap yard owned a car crusher), but instead it was found by the edge of the scrap yard near the road, covered with a few branches.



8. The police questioning 16-year-old Brendan Dassey, who is said to have learning difficulties and a lower than average IQ, without representation. Dassey’s parent/lawyer weren’t present when he was charged. After Dassey admitted to raping and murdering Halbach, he asked if they’d be finished in time for him to go to class and hand in his homework. Surely this shows he didn’t understand what was happening?

9. After telling the police he’d made up his confession, Dassey’s defense team asking him to draw pictures of a woman tied to a bed, of the body being burnt and of him raping the woman. Dassey said he wasn’t there for the murder, yet he still draws the pictures which they’ve told him to draw. These were later used to convict both Dassey and Avery.



10. During Dassey’s confession he said Halbach was stabbed and had her throat slit, then shot. However, there was no blood evidence found in Avery’s home or garage where the murder supposedly took place.

11. Avery’s blood being found in Halbach’s car. When arrested, Avery had a small cut on his finger, however no fingerprints were found in the car. Prosecutors say he wore gloves, but if Avery was wearing gloves how did the blood from his finger get left behind?

12. The defense team getting access to an old sample of Avery’s blood stored from the previous incorrect conviction. When they received the blood sample it appeared to have been tampered with, the seals were broken and a hypodermic needle mark was visible in the tube.



13. Learning that Teresa’s voicemail box was full at the time of her death, yet both her brother and ex boyfriend had accessed the messages and some had been deleted. Could these messages have held vital clues in Teresa’s murder?

14. Mantiowoc County police telling the public they were distancing themselves from the case. This didn’t happen. Mantiowoc County police were heavily involved and key evidence, such as Teresa’s car key and a bullet with Halbach’s DNA were found after their detectives were left unsupervised to search Avery’s property.

15. Teresa’s ashes being found in Steven Avery’s back yard, but more of her ashes also being found in a metal drum in a location off the site of the Avery property.

16. Traces of Teresa’s blood being found in the back of her car, suggesting she was transported in the car. Yet prosecutors say Halbach was taken from Steven’s house to the garage and then burned outside. Why would Halbach have been transported if she didn’t leave the grounds of the property?

17. Manitowoc County Sheriff Kenneth Peterson going on record as saying: ‘It would have been ‘easier to kill’ him than frame him’ when asked if the police were framing Avery. What police officer should ever say that?


Have we missed anything that completely shocked you whilst watching Making a Murderer, let us know below