He may have fooled some people into thinking he was a normal, good guy, but really Mark Goudeau was wreaking mayhem and murder.


For two years, residents of South Phoenix lived in terror. A serial killer was slaughtering women. All were snatched from the city’s long, busy Baseline Road, molested or raped.

If they didn’t co-operate, the ‘Baseline Killer’, as he became known, would shoot them in the head.

When the killer – builder Mark Goudeau – was caught, his wife, friends and neighbours insisted he couldn’t possibly be the murderer. Yet he had a dark past…

Mark Goudeau, aka the Baseline Killer

Mark Goudeau, aka the Baseline Killer (Photo: PA Photos)

Born in September 1964, Goudeau was the twelfth of 13 children.

His father, Willie, was a strict disciplinarian, and drug use and alcoholism ran in the family.

Willie cheated on their mother and Goudeau’s parents split. Then his mother died when he was 12. He left school, and turned to drink and cocaine.

At 18, he was accused of rape, but never charged. He was later charged with trespassing, then driving while intoxicated.

At 24, Goudeau found love with Wendy Carr. However, soon after, in 1989 he fractured a woman’s skull with a barbell and a shotgun, tried to force cocaine up her nose, and raped her.

After, he tried to drown her, but was disturbed by witnesses. In a plea-bargain deal, Goudeau admitted three counts of aggravated assault. For that – and robbing a shop – he was jailed for 21 years.

Nevertheless, Wendy married him while Goudeau was in jail. He became a model, drug-free prisoner. So, after just 13 years, he was released on parole in 2004. Goudeau got a job in construction. He was known as a friendly neighbour and loving husband.

Goudeau's wife Wendy Carr couldn't believe he could be guilty (Photo: PA Photos)

Goudeau’s wife Wendy Carr couldn’t believe he could be guilty (Photo: PA Photos)

Then, in August 2005, the Baseline killings began. It was a hideous catalogue of brutality and murder…

A 12-year-old and two teen girls were molested at gunpoint, then 19-year-old Georgia Thompson was found shot dead in the head.

Two sisters – one pregnant – were forced to strip. Their attacker pointed a gun at the pregnant sister’s belly, molested her, then raped her sister.

A mother and her teen daughter were car-jacked and molested, followed by another female driver.

Tina Washington, 39, disappeared from a bus stop and was found shot dead.

So were Romelia Vargas, 38, and Mirna Roman, 24, attacked in their fast-food van.

Liliana Sanchez Cabrera, 20, and her workmate, Chao ‘George’ Chou, 23, were found dead in his car.

Kristina Gibbons, 26, was stuffed inside a storage unit. Sophia Nunez, 37, was found in her bath.

Goudeau always used the same gun, but was a master of disguise, using masks and wigs.

After another murder, police released sketches of the Baseline Killer. And, finally, a parole officer recognised Goudeau.

A police sketch of the Baseline Killer (Photo: PA Photos)

A police sketch of the Baseline Killer (Photo: PA Photos)

At his home, officers found a ski mask plus the gun used in each crime. Then his DNA matched that found on the pregnant woman he’d attacked.

In September 2006, Goudeau was arrested. He was convicted of the attacks on the two sisters and sentenced to 438 years. Eight months on, he was tried for the Baseline crimes.

Goudeau denied nine murders and numerous other charges.

He was found guilty of all but three armed robberies, one attempted robbery and one count of kidnap.

The jury was hung on one count of sexual abuse.

Goudeau was handed nine death sentences, plus over 1,100 years in prison.