What would you choose for your last-ever meal?! Thankfully not many of us have to make that decision, but these condemned prisoners on death row did. Here's what meal they went for...


Vampire’s Wiener Schnitzel

Last meals on death row: Schnitzel

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German serial killer and rapist Peter Kurten was killed by guillotine in 1931. The man known as The Vampire of Dusseldorf requested a last meal on death row of wiener schnitzel and fried potatoes, washed down with a bottle of white wine.

Peckish Peter asked for second helpings and was duly given them.


Tourist-slayer’s Pizza

Last meals on death row: Image of pizza

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John Martin Scripps posed as a tourist to commit the three murders of other tourists in the mid-1990s – one in Singapore and two in Thailand. The English killer was dubbed ‘the tourist from hell’ by the tabloids of the time.

He was hanged in Singapore in 1996, having had his last ever pizza delivery and a cup of hot chocolate.


Man-killer’s Burger

Last meals on death row: cheeseburger

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Serial killer Aileen Wuornos was sentenced to death by lethal injection in Florida having been given six death sentences for murdering men. She turned down the offer of a special death row last meal but is said to have had a hamburger and other snacks from the prison canteen.

She later drank a cup of coffee before proclaiming, ‘I’ll be back.’


Ripper’s Lobster

Last meals on death row: Image of lobster

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The Gainesville Ripper, aka Danny Rolling, was a serial murderer with a taste for the finer things in life, if his final meal on death row is anything to go by.

Having confessed to eight killings – among them, five students – Rolling was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2006.

His last meal consisted of lobster tail, butterfly shrimp, baked spud, strawberry cheesecake, and some sweet tea.


Butcher’s Ice Cream (and the rest!)

Last meals on death row: Ice cream

Grocery store butcher turned murderer Gary Carl Simmons Jr dismembered his victim, and was equally unsqueamish when it came to placing his order for his last food on earth. His final meal request weighed in at a stomach-churning 29,000 calories!

The order comprised deep-pan pizza with double portions of toppings; a second pizza; 10 packs of Parmesan cheese; 10 packs of ranch dressing; a family size bag of Doritos; jalapeno nacho cheese; sliced jalapenos; two large strawberry shakes; two cherry Cokes; a super-size portion of McDonald’s fries; all finished off with two pints of strawberry ice cream.

It’s believed he got through about half the meal, with the only item going unsampled being the French fries.

Simmons Jr’s last words were, ‘Now, let’s get it on, so these people can go home.’


Clown Killer’s Fried Chicken

Last meals on death row: Image of KFC

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John Wayne Gacy sexually assaulted and killed at least 33 young men in the 1970s. He was given the chilling nickname the Clown Killer, having appeared as his character Pogo the Clown at children’s parties and fundraisers.

Evil Gacy spent 12 years on death row before being executed in Illinois by lethal injection. But not before he wolfed down 12 deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC, some fries and a pound of strawberries.


So what would your last meal be??