It's the world's most infamous murder mystery. Jack the Ripper. Also nicknamed The Whitechapel Murderer, or ‘Leather Apron’. Jack the Ripper viciously murdered at least five prostitutes – severing their throats, ripping open their abdomens, mutilating their genitals and, in some cases, removing organs. So whodunnit? Countless suspects have been thrown into the ring. From royalty, a famous artist and a surgeon to a Polish hairdresser - none proven to be the serial killer. The murders have fascinated and befuddled generations. But now, well over a century on - has the monster who terrorised London’s East End in 1888 finally been unmasked?



Murder mystery solved?

Francis Spurzheim Craig is a long-dead, struggling East End court reporter who lived in the heart of Whitechapel.

And, according to an explosive new book, he was also Jack the Ripper – the merciless serial killer who slayed five prostitutes back in 1888.

Francis Spurzheim Craig has been named as a Jack the Ripper suspect 127 years after the last murder victim was discovered mutilated beyong recognition.

And it is the identity of that last victim, Mary Jane Kelly, that has led to this extraordinary new Ripper theory.

The finger of blame has been pointed by former surgeon Dr Wynne Weston-Davies in his new book titled The Real Mary Kelly. In it, he claims Mary Jane Kelly was actually his missing Great-aunt Elizabeth – Francis Spurzheim Craig’s ex-wife.

And Dr Weston-Davies’ theory is that Craig murdered his first four victims to diguise his true intention – the revenge killing of his ex- missus.

Jack the Ripper

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Dr Weston-Davies made the discovery when he tried to trace what happened to his missing great-aunt, Elizabeth Weston-Davies. During his research he discovered proof that Mary Jane Kelly was a pseudonym used by Elizabeth.

He says Elizabeth married Craig on Christmas Eve 1884. But she went into hiding when her husband discovered she’d returned to a life of prostitution, changing her name to Mary Jane Kelly so not to be traced.

Dr Weston Davies told The Telegraph, ‘There is evidence Francis Craig spent a long time looking for her in the East End, even employing private detectives.’

But his initial aim – to win her back – turned to hatred.

Dr Weston-Davies writes in his book that he believes spurned Francis Craig used his knowledge of police methods to concoct an extravagant plot to murder his ex wife – and get away with it.


Francis Craig, then 51, was covering court cases and inquests in the East End when the serial killer struck. He lived in Mile End Road, Whitechapel, just seven minutes walk from the first murder scene.

And the murder of Mary Jane was by far the most brutal. She was killed at Miller’s Court – a Whitechapel slum. Her throat was cut, her heart cut out, her breasts sliced off and her face hacked beyond recognition. Was this to prevent anyone recognising her as Elizabeth and tracing the murder back to him?

Jack the Ripper

Millers Court
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Mary Jane’s history is obscure. Much about her past is unknown, and any facts about her early life appear to be embellished – by Mary Jane herself.

And, according to Dr Weston-Davies book, Craig eventually commited suicide by slitting his throat with a blade – the same method Jack the Ripper used to kill his victims.

Case closed?

Now, in an astonoishing twist, the Ministry of Justice has agreed to exhume Mark Jane Kelly’s  body.  Dr Weston-Davies then hopes to test DNA in her bones and teeth against his own to prove she in fact, his Great-aunt Elizabeth.

So, what do you think?

Was Jack the Ripper a man named Francis Spurzheim Craig – an East End court reporter who brutally slaughtered four women to disguise the murder of his ex-wife?

Perhaps the worlds biggest murder mystery finally been solved.

Unless you know different..?