Izzy Ocampo only wanted to do one thing – kill.


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In December 2011, homeless men in California were being killed. Butchered to death with a 7in blade. Four men, each stabbed more than 40 times.

Police warned the homeless to be on their guard.

Then, on 13 January 2012, police arrested Itzcoatl ‘Izzy’ Ocampo, then 23 years old. But who was Ocampo and what made him slaughter some of the city’s most vulnerable?

Ocampo’s parents emigrated from Mexico in 1988, had three children, and bought a house in Orange County. Their eldest son, Izzy, joined the Marine Corps in 2006, he was posted to Iraq two years later to work as a driver.

Ocampo joined the Marines; wanted to kill (Photo: PA Photos)

Ocampo joined the Marines; wanted to kill (Photo: PA Photos)

Meanwhile his dad, Refugio, lost his job and home. The family was forced to move in with relatives. But, due to ‘family problems’ Refugio left.

Izzy Ocampo returned to find his dad sleeping rough. He came back a ‘changed man’ his dad Refugio said.

At a family party, Ocampo was listless, barely speaking. Honourably discharged in 2010, he became depressed and disillusioned.

Then a childhood friend was killed in combat. After, Ocampo had severe headaches and hallucinations plus he felt lonely. He visited his friend’s grave often.

On 20 December 2011, Izzy Ocampo killed the first homeless man. Stabbed him to death as he slept outside a shopping centre.

A District Attorney holds a picture of a knife used in the killings (Photo: PA Photos)

A District Attorney holds a picture of a knife used in the killings (Photo: PA Photos)

Within a three-week period, the thrill killer went on to stalk then kill a second and third…

Then, on 13 January, in broad daylight, Ocampo took the life of a fourth homeless man to ‘clean up the area’, he claimed. Witnesses chased Ocampo and police arrested him.

In addition to the four murders, police also charged Ocampo with the murders of the mother and son of one of his high-school friends. They’d been stabbed to death at their home in the October – before his homeless rampage.

In February 2012, Itzcoatl Ocampo, 23, pleaded not guilty to six counts of murder.

But a shocking picture began to emerge… When his desire to kill at war was dashed by becoming a truck driver, he returned, his mind set on one thing…

A detective testified Ocampo entered the Marines with the purpose of seeing combat and becoming a killer, and in order to become a real Marine, he needed to kill.

Chillingly, Ocampo revealed he’d researched human anatomy to determine the best way to get at the heart, looked at Penthouse magazine to ‘pump himself up’, then stabbed each of his victims more than 30 times.

He made a haunting confession…

‘…I felt weird…’ he said. ‘The f*****g kill gene like hit my sperm. Like, that’s the way I feel right now, like my sperm have f*****g kill in them.’

Ocampo told investigators about headaches and hearing voices.

His trial was set for May 2014, but in May 2013, he died from ingesting a cleaning product. It’s believed he accumulated it while in his cell.

Following Izzy Ocampo’s death, his lawyer said: ‘If you spend three minutes with Ocampo, you are acutely aware that he has some mental issues.’