Guy Georges stalked his victims, waiting for the perfect moment to strike...


In his neat, tidy handwriting, he’d written about his boyhood in a letter to a former girlfriend. He’d told her how he’d once played with a real tiger. Said he’d understood the wild, dangerous animal.

Perhaps it was true. Perhaps he’d made it up. A tall tale to impress a lover.

Guy Georges had a great admiration for tigers, calling them, ‘intelligent, powerful, resistant…careful and adaptable.’

He might as well have been describing himself. Guy Georges was powerful, resistant, careful.

And like the tigers he so admired, Guy Georges was also a killer.

He’d stalk the streets of Paris, looking for his prey. Then, with the ruthless control of the tiger, he’d strike.

Hi victims were all women, all stabbed to death with a butcher’s knife.

All easy kill for the Beast of the Bastille.

Guy Georges, a.k.a. the Beast of the Bastille, in court (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)

Guy Georges was born in eastern France in 1962, and straightaway, he was an outsider.

Because his father was black, and his mother was white.

That didn’t sit well with small-town France of the 60s. It didn’t help matters that Guy’s father was also American. His name was George Cartwright, a US Air Force cook who’d had a relationship with a local girl, Hélène.

George was married back home in the USA, and Hélène had another son, Stéphane, from a previous relationship. Unlike Guy, Stéphane was white.

Soon, George had abandoned Guy and Hélène and returned to the USA.

And that wasn’t the only rejection Guy would have to deal with in his young life.

When he was 6, his mum abandoned him, too. She’d started a relationship with a US serviceman and planned to immigrate to California.

Bringing Stéphane with her.

And leaving Guy behind in France.

Hélène’s family refused to care for the youngster. So Guy was taken by the French social services to live in care in a home with 13 other abandoned children.

By the time he was a teenager, Guy had started stealing bits of food from the kitchen of his care home.

He’d also started spending a lot of time alone and hurting animals he caught in the countryside around the small town where he lived.

Perhaps most frighteningly, by 16 he’d attacked two of his foster sisters. Neither attack was sexual, but they resulted in Guy being moved to a state-run orphanage. One of the attacks had been against a little girl who was disabled.

There was more trouble ahead.

At 17, Guy attacked a woman as she waited at a bus stop.

He ended up in prison.

And upon his release, he attacked another woman, this time more violently. He ripped her face off with a knife and snatched her handbag. Somehow, she survived.

Guy was sent to prison yet again.

But this time, when he was released a year on, Guy left eastern France and moved to Paris.

Guy poses for a photo with a gun inside his Paris flat (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)

In the big city, the young man turned to drink.

But drink costs money.

And money was something Guy had never had much of.

So, he became a rent boy.

Sex was a tool, a means to an end.

Around this time, Guy started to kill…

He murdered his first known victim  in January, 1991.

She was only 19. Guy had noticed her out and about and followed her home.

Stalked her. Raped her.

And when she fought back, Guy stabbed her three times in the neck.

His next six murders followed a similar pattern. All were young women no older than 27, all had been spotted by Guy as they went about their business in Paris.

He’d see them. Then, like a tiger stalking his prey, Guy followed them, waited for the perfect moment to strike.

Finally, after six years of killing, Guy Georges was arrested by police at a Paris underground station. They’d been given descriptions of him by three women who’d survived his attacks.

Police e-fit of Guy Georges (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)

At first he denied his crimes.

Then, when faced in the courtroom with one of his escaped victims, he changed his plea.

Guy Georges is currently serving a life sentence in a French prison.

The tiger that stalked, preyed and killed has been caged for good.