He befriended and killed red-headed women. But what made Glen Edward Rogers so evil?


Glen Edward Rogers

On 13 November 1995, a state police detective in Kentucky spotted something amiss…

A man in a white Ford Festiva. The car’s plates matched those belonging to Tina Marie Cribbs. The 34-year-old had been murdered days before. The police pursued the vehicle and eventually, the man was apprehended.

Glen Edward Rogers was already known to police, and they’d been searching for him.

His prints had been found on a receipt in Tina’s discarded wallet, and in the hotel room where her body was discovered.

Witnesses had also seen them together in a bar on the night before she’d died.

Rogers told police he’d killed about 70 people.

He was suspected not only of killing Tina Marie Cribbs, but also Sandra Gallagher, 33, Linda Price, 34, and Andy Jiles Sutton, 37.

Sandra Gallagher

Victim Sandra Gallagher

All had strawberry-blonde or red hair.

So what made him a twister killer obsessed with redheads?

Born in Hamilton, Ohio, Glen was one of seven kids for Claude and Edna Rogers.

Reports suggest Rogers rocked as a baby, banging his head on things but never showing emotion.

It’s believed Claude was an alcoholic who beat his wife in the presence of their kids.

That the family struggled financially.

Edna says Glen developed a rash after playing in puddles of toxic waste – a rash that stayed until adulthood.

He started drinking at 12. Crucially, at 13 he’s believed to have found photos of his red-headed mother.

Before his 16th birthday, Glen was in trouble with the law.

He’d got his 14-year-old girlfriend pregnant too.

They had a son, married, and had another son.

By May 1983, Deborah had filed for divorce, accusing Rogers of ‘extreme cruelty’ and threatening to do her great bodily harm.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it’s thought Rogers was aggressive towards women. It’s thought he suffered various traumas to his head too.

And it wasn’t long before he started to kill…

On 28 September 1995, he met Sandra Gallagher, 33, in a bar.

The next day, Rogers strangled Sandra.

He took her vehicle, put her body in the passenger seat, and set the car on fire.

In early October, Rogers met Linda Price, 34, and they moved in together. But, on 3 November 1995, Price was found dead in her bath.

She’d been stabbed. Her throat slashed.

Had Rogers killed her too?

The next day, he met Tina Marie Cribbs in a bar.

Victim Tina Marie Cribbs

Victim Tina Marie Cribbs

Two days later, staff found Cribbs’ body in the tub.

In November 1995, Rogers was seen arguing with a woman in Louisiana. Her body was later discovered with multiple stab wounds.

A week later, Rogers was convicted of killing Tina Marie Cribbs, and sentenced to death.

Two years later he was convicted of murdering Sandra Gallagher.

Then the court heard that he’d been ‘deprived of love, affection or moral guidance’ as a child. He was sentenced to death – again.

Rogers maintained his innocence, saying he was joking when he said he’d killed 70 people.

Glen Edward Rogers

Glen Edward Rogers (Photo: PA Photos)

He’s currently on death row.

The influence of red-headed women in his life seems to have both created and destroyed him.