By night these men sported quiffs, rhinestone jumpsuits and curled lips as bona fide Elvis impersonators, but when they broke the law, they all found themselves in a hunka, hunka trouble.


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Suspicious Minds

Welsh Elvis impersonator Michael Cawthray, 43, was certainly All Shook Up when he caught his wife leaving another man’s hotel room at the European Elvis Championships in Birmingham, England back in 2011.

But the ‘other man’ in question wasn’t just any old Elvis fan, he was 48-year-old American Jeff Burton – the son of James Burton, leader of the real Elvis Presley’s legendary TCB backing band, and a talented musician in his own right.

Convinced Burton Jnr had been a hound dog with his wife, Cawthray, 43, went beserk – kicking and punching Burton – who was shirtless – leaving him with a broken nose and bruises round his face, shoulders and body.

Michael Cawthray (Photo: PA Photos)

Appearing at Warwickshire Crown Court, Cawthray admitted Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm. The court heard he’d flipped out after seeing his wife leaving a topless Burton’s hotel room. Cawthray,  who had organised the Championships, had personally arranged for Burton Jnr to fly over from the states and perform. His wife claimed this was why she’d gone to Burton Jnr’s room after his performance, to thank him for putting on a great show. As Mrs Cawthray was leaving Burton Jnr had removed his shirt in order to have a shower, but Cawthray had jumped to an entirely different conclusion as he’d seen his wife making her exit.

Cawthray was sentenced to a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work, to pay £750 compensation and £1,370 court costs. Clear proof that having a suspicious mind is not good for you!

Jailhouse Rock


An Elvis impersonator appearing in at pretrial hearing on charges of stalking and violating a protective order ended up going to straight to jail after the judge ruled him drunk and in contempt of court.

David Blaisdell, 64, turned up to Jessamine County District Court in Kentucky in full Elvis regalia – jet black hair, aviator shades and a black rhinestone jumpsuit, but when the judge noticed Blaisell slurring, he order him to be breathalysed. And uh-huh-huh – he was found to be drunk and as a result, found to be in contempt of court.

Here Blaisdell back in 2008, explaining why he turned up to court dressed as the king and why he was an innocent man:

Don’t be Cruel

Elvis impersonating Harry Sutcliffe, 53, of Cullingworth, West Yorkshire was jailed for 14 weeks in 2010 and banned from keeping animals for five years after admitting 23 charges of animal cruelty. A pig farmer by day, Sutcliffe was found to have mistreated his pigs by leaving them covered in faeces and without water. The animals were also found to have been given out-of-date medicine.


Bradford Magistrates Court heard the farmer, who impersonates Elvis as part of his limo hire business, had been ‘combatitive and aggressive’ to DEFRA inspectors when they came to visit his farm. The impersonator had also once sprayed manure into an animal welfare inspector’s car. Looks like this hip swivelling swine headed straight down lonely street to a heartbreak hotel of his own – the local prison!

A little less conversation…

And a LOT more action please was the the message Elvis impersonator Trent Carlini got from Clark County Jail back in October 2010 when he was nicked for failing to make child support payments. Carlini, 48, was just about to go on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton when police officers arrested him. Meaning when Elvis left the building –  he did so in handcuffs!

Trent Carlini (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)

A court heard that Carlini, who had four children at the time of his arrest, was a whoppping $76,037 behind on child support payments – that’s around £58k! In his defence, Carlini stated he was struggling to make ends meet as an Elvis impersonator, but loved his children tender. Let’s hope he was no hound dog 

Elvis’ dignity has left the building!

When police were called to a drunken disturbance at the Route 66 Roadhouse they didn’t expect to find ‘Elvis’ causing a whole heap of T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

But there at the bar was 61-year-old Bobby Eldredge, in full Elvis costume including black wig and sunglasses, drunk as a skunk, singing Elvis songs and worse – fiddling with his Hot Dog through his clothing.

When officers tried to talk to Eldredge he was so drunk he began rambling incoherently, asking one police officer if ‘his mother taught him how to smile’. All the while Eldredge kept belting out the Elvis hits. Eldredge was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication, and driven to the Oklahoma County Jail. Reports suggest the drunken Elvi was hurtling vulgar abuse for the whole journey.

After his arrest Eldredge told the local paper: ‘I confess, I had a little wine,’ but he continued, ‘That’s what Elvis was about, having a good time!’