Three bright young people with their whole lives ahead of them. But two will end their days in prison, and a third was brutally murdered.


Adrianne Jones was a nice girl from a loving family. A high school senior, she lived with her parents in Mansfield, Texas.

On the night of 3 December 1995, Adrianne, 16, got home from her job at a chicken restaurant.

She went to a nearby fitness centre with her mum, Linda, and worked out for an hour. Back home, Adrianne had a phone conversation with a boy she told her mother was ‘David from cross country’, then went to bed.

It was the last time Linda Jones saw her daughter alive.

The following morning, Adrianne’s body was found near Joe Poole Lake outside Mansfield.

There was no sign of a kidnap or a struggle at her house.

But she’d been murdered. Beaten, shot, and left for dead. An investigation began.

Months passed and the case remained unsolved.

Then, in August 1996, in a girls’ dorm at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, a shocking revelation came to light…

Navy cadet, Diane Zamora, confided in roommates about the deep bond she shared with her boyfriend, David Graham, a cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

‘What did you do, kill someone?’ one of the girls asked.

‘I didn’t kill anyone, but because of me, someone’s dead,’ she admitted.

The girls reported it to a superior, and police made two arrests.

Former pupil at Mansfield High School – David Graham and his girlfriend Diane Zamora.

Word spread of the alleged murder carried out by love-struck teenagers Graham and Zamora, supposedly in revenge for Graham’s fling with Adrianne Jones.

According to police, Zamora hid in the back of Graham’s car, and after Graham and Jones arrived at Joe Poole Lake, Zamora got out and hit Jones over the head with a bar bell. Then, Graham finished her off with a 9mm pistol.

But the young lovers turned on each other. Each blamed the other for Adrianne’s murder.

In February 1998, Diane Zamora appeared in a Fort Worth courtroom facing trial for murdering her love rival.

Prosecutors say Zamora ordered the killing in a jealous rage.


That she and Graham made a lover’s pact to kill Adrienne Jones, after Graham’s one-night sexual encounter.

That they had planned to take Adrienne Jones out by the lake, break her neck, and put her into Joe Poole Lake.

But when Adrienne resisted, Zamora took a barbell and started hitting her in the back of the head with it.

Before telling David, ‘You need to finish this. We can’t stop here.’

And that’s when David shot her with a pistol.

The proof of this was Zamora’s signed confession, which she gave to detectives after her arrest.

‘I screamed at him, ‘Kill her! Kill her!’ He was just so scared that he wasn’t about to say not to me,’ it said.

The defence team painted a very different picture…

They wove a tale of Zamora being a high-achieving student full of promise, who’d fallen under the spell of her controlling boyfriend, David Graham.

They said Zamora was not a willing participant in any of this, and although she was there, she didn’t in any way encourage Graham to commit murder.

A psychologist testified for the defence, saying Graham was domineering.

Taking the stand, Zamora said despite her earlier confession, she told the jury she only intended to confront Jones verbally over her sexual encounter with Graham. She insisted Graham alone killed her.

‘I said a lot of things trying to take the blame,’ she told the court. ‘I wanted to take the blame because I loved him.’

Yet Diane Zamora, 19, was found guilty of murdering Adrianne Jones.

She was spared the death penalty at the request of Adrianne Jones’ family, and faced an automatic life sentence.

In July 1998 David Graham, 20, went on trial for Adrianne’s murder.

He disavowed a previous confession, which stated he killed Jones, and denied he was present when she was beaten and shot. However, a jury found him guilty of capital murder.

Graham was calm as the jury announced its verdict, which means an automatic life sentence.