He mutilated his victims and removed their organs...

Daniel William Marsh (Photo: PA Photos)

Daniel William Marsh (Photo: PA Photos)

When Oliver ‘Chip’ Northup, an elderly guitarist and singer, didn’t show up for a performance with his local folk band, relatives alerted police.

And, when officers arrived at his California home at around 9.20pm on 14 April 2013, they made a grim discovery…

Oliver, 87, and his partner, Claudia Maupin, 76, had been brutally murdered.

Stabbed dozens of times, their bodies had been mutilated.

Who could’ve carried out such a heartless attack?

Two months later, local lad Daniel William Marsh, 16, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder.

But he seemed like an unlikely killer…

Back in 2009, aged just 12, he’d been honoured by the American Red Cross at their annual Heroes Luncheon for saving his father, Bill, from a near-fatal heart attack.

Daniel in 2009 (Photo: PA Photos)

Daniel in 2009 (Photo: PA Photos)

Bill had been driving. Daniel steered them to safety and pounded on his father’s chest, keeping him alive.

So, why had the young hero committed a violent homicide?

Bill was said to have a very short temper, from which mum Sheri tried to shield Daniel and his older sister.

Bill and Sheri separated in 2007 after 12 years.

The next year, they got divorced.

No longer shielded from his father’s outbursts, Daniel started to lash out.

Struggling with ‘uncontrollable rages’, Daniel once punched a hole in his bedroom wall.

Distraught Sheri later said that this ‘wasn’t her Daniel’.

Having saved his father from the heart attack, Daniel had then watched him being treated.

‘It was as if his childhood had ended that day,’ Sheri later said.

After, Daniel struggled to fit in, and his home life became difficult.

In his teens, Daniel started using marijuana and received treatment for anorexia.

He suffered from severe depression, too.

Daniel developed urges to kill, daydreamed of torture – and attempted suicide.

He began using alcohol in order to escape. Became fascinated by serial killers, and was thought to have a seething hatred and grim world-view that ‘everyone was a cockroach or parasite’.

In early 2013, Daniel agreed to psychiatric hospitalisation for two weeks.

But, on 13 April 2013, in the early hours of the morning, he left his mother’s home with a 6-inch hunting knife and a black ski mask.

Two doors down from his father’s home, he found an open window at Northup’s house.

He slipped inside.

He saw Claudia and Oliver sleeping.

Claudia woke, started screaming.

Marsh started brutally stabbing her in the torso, despite her begging him to stop.

When Oliver woke, Marsh turned the knife on him. He continued to stab him victims even after they’d died.

‘It just felt right,’ Marsh later said. ‘Amazing…Great.’

Oliver and Claudia

Oliver and Claudia

Claudia was stabbed 67 times, Oliver, 61.

Some of the couple’s organs were removed, and Marsh put a mobile phone in Claudia’s open wounds and a glass into Oliver’s.

He was arrested after allegedly confessing to friends.

Marsh admitted the killings ‘basically gave him a high for a few days’ and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

It was rejected.

Daniel William Marsh was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to 52 years to life.