Three-year-old twins, Caroline and Madison, couldn’t wait to spend the weekend with their daddy. But when their mum, Kristina, went to pick them up, she had no idea of the horror she was about to walk into…


Caroline and Madison were identical twins. Aged 3, they were mischievous toddlers and described as ‘angels’ by those who knew them.

Their mother, Kristina Hooper, and father Robert King, had recently split up. The couple, from Virginia, USA, had married in 2008, a few months before the girls were born.

While Kristina worked as a waitress, Robert was a stay-at-home-dad. It’s believed Kristina ended the relationship in 2011 due to his shoplifting problem.

But for the girls’ sake, they came to an arrangement that the girls would live with Kristina and visit Robert at weekends.

Robert was unhappy about the split though and bombarded Kristina with abusive calls. Kristina soon began divorce proceedings, annoying Robert even more.

He began demanding custody of the girls. Kristina didn’t want their bitter split to affect Caroline and Madison, so she continued to let Robert see them.

In June 2012, he picked the girls up as arranged and took them to his house. As Caroline and Madison waved to their mummy, Kristina had no idea it would be the last time she saw them alive.

The following day she went to work as usual. When she tried phoning Robert to check on the girls, he never answered. Concerned, she left work and went to his house.

On the driveway she found his car parked near the back door. Then she spotted a hose pipe running into the house.

Panicking, she ran inside and upstairs. There the true horror of what Robert had done became clear. Lying on the bed was Caroline and Madison.

Their throats had been cut. They were both dead. Lying in between them was Robert. He was dead too, with a cut to his throat.

He’d murdered his twin toddlers, before killing himself.

Hysterical, Kristina fled the house and broke down on the driveway. ‘My babies are dead, they’re in the house,’ she told officers when they arrived.

Investigations soon revealed King had pumped Carbon Monoxide into the house to choke the girls, before cutting their throats. The twins died of a combination of both.

Had he killed his girls because he didn’t want Kristina to have custody of them? Or had he murdered them to spite his ex, then killed himself to escape punishment? The killer daddy took the secret of why he murdered his own precious babies to the grave.