All sweetness and innocence when they first hit our screens, these are the child stars who turned criminal later on…


 Amanda Bynes


Like other child stars, it seems too much fame too soon may have proven all too much for the the former star of Nickelodeon’s All That, The Amanda Show and What I Like About You. In 2012, at age 25, Bynes clocked up no fewer than seven driving accidents, was pulled over in Los Angeles for driving while talking on her mobile phone (driving off before police could give her a ticket). She was arrested for two hit-and-run driving accidents, was caught drink-driving and was arrested on marijuana charges. She spent just one night in jail, but was ordered to undergo a rehabilitation programme.


Edward Furlong


Star of Terminator 2, in 2010, Furlong was placed on three years’ probation for violation of a restraining order obtained by his then wife Rachael Kneeland (professional name, Rachel Bella). In 2012, he was banned from spending time alone with his then six-year-old child, after the boy tested positive for cocaine. In March 2013, Furlong was sentenced to six months in jail for breaking the terms of his probation after he ‘used force’ against ex-girlfriend Monica Keena, and for breaking a protective order prohibiting contact with her. The troubled actor was arrested again in May 2013, and avoided a jail sentence after agreeing to undergo a 90-day rehab for drug addiction, and year-long domestic violence programme. He’d already served 61 days in jail.


Tatum O’Neal


At just 10 years old, in 1973, Tatum O’Neal gave an enchanting performance in Paper Moon, becoming the youngest-ever competitive Academy Award winner for her role alongside her father Ryan. But it seems young stardom came at a heavy price. In, 2008, aged 45, she was arrested for buying crack cocaine near her Manhattan apartment building. The charge was ‘a misdemeanour criminal possession of a controlled substance’, although she was released her without bail. O’Neal later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in connection with the arrest, avoided jail, and agreed to attend a short drug-treatment program.


Christian Slater

Star of US soap One Life to Live in the 70s, the heartthrob has a pretty extensive rap sheet. In 1989, he was arrested for drink-driving, driving with a suspended licence, evading the police and assault with a deadly weapon (his cowboy boots!). He spent 10 days in jail. In December 1994, his luggage triggered the security alarm at an airport and a 7.65 calibre Beretta gun was discovered in his suitcase. He was jailed again, and released on Christmas Eve to start community service. In 1997, he was convicted of attacking his then-girlfriend, fashion editor Michelle Jonas, and a police officer while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He underwent 100 days of rehab, and served three months in jail before completing three more months’ rehab. Then, in May 2005, Slater was arrested for allegedly groping a woman’s bottom on the street. He was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, which he denied. A judge dismissed the charge on the condition he committed no further criminal offences for a six-month period.


Jamie Waylett


He’s the guy who played the notorious Crabbe in the Harry Potter film series. In reality, Waylett has seen his fair share of trouble, too. He was arrested for participating in the devastating 2011 England riots and charged with ‘violent disorder’ and possessing a petrol bomb, for which, in March 2012, he was sentenced to two years in prison. He’d also been charged with possession of cannabis and growing it in his mother’s home.