By the age of 24, Canadian serial killer Cody Legebokoff had already murdered four women in cold blood.


When a Canadian police officer pulled over Cody Legebokoff – dishevelled and covered in blood – for speeding in November 2010, he said he’d been poaching deer. But later, the body of Loren Leslie, 15, was found along the same remote stretch of road. Baby-faced Legebokoff, 20, was arrested with her murder.

He appeared to be an unlikely killer – young, popular, and from a decent family. But Legebokoff was not only responsible for the death of Loren. After a year-long investigation, police charged Cody Legebokoff with the murder of three more woman – Jill Stuchenko, 35, Cynthia Maas, 35, and Natasha Montgomery, 23.

In September 2014, he stood trial for the gruesome murders. The court heard that Jill was Legebokoff’s first victim in October 2009. Her horrifically beaten body was found a month later in a snowy gravel pit.

He struck Natasha next. Her remains were never found but her DNA was discovered on Legebokoff’s clothes and an axe he owned.

Cynthia was his third victim. She was found dead in a park, killed by blunt force trauma and penetrating wounds to the chest. Finally, he killed young Loren. Legebokoff denied that he had killed the women, despite strong DNA evidence.

The man who is now known as one of Canada’s youngest serial killers was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life in prison to serve a minimum of 25 years.

Loren’s mother told the Press: ‘I realise my daughter’s death ended a serial killer’s career. Not that it’s easy at all, but at least there’s some meaning to it.’

Just 24, it’s chilling to think how many more Legebokoff could have killed if he hadn’t been pulled over for speeding…

Cody Legebokoff is appealing his conviction.