Damp clothes lie in the washing machine. The beds are stripped, and clean sheets are drying on a clothes horse. There's food in the fridge, and dirty dishes cluttering the sink. But amongst these ordinary scenes are blood stains. Everywhere. This family home has been frozen in time.


On February 23, the Troadec family were reported missing after not being seen for a week.

In the village of Orvault, near Nantes, western France, their quaint detached four-bedroom home is now a crime scene.

Among those missing are 50-year-old parents Pascal and Brigitte, son Sebastièn, 21, and 18-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

Also missing are their toothbrushes and mobile phones, but their chargers are still plugged in.

The family house (Photo: PA Photos)

The alarm was raised by Brigitte’s sister, after she had not heard from them since February 16.

That same day, mum Brigitte reported fraudulent activity in daughter Charlotte’s bank account to pay for games online.

None of the family member’s bank accounts were been touched since that day.

The only scrap of evidence that remained was Sebastièn’s mobile phone, covered in blood.

Sebastien Troadec (Photo: PA Photos)

The traces of blood found around the house belongs to advertising executive Pascal, his wife Brigitte, an accountant for the local council, and Sebastièn’s.

Police state that there was clear evidence of attempts to scrub the blood away with a brush.

First year University student Charlotte’s blood is nowhere to be found.

However her health insurance card and a pair of trousers were discovered six days later in woodland around 200 miles away.

Charlotte Troadec (Photo: PA Photos)

Chillingly, a car belonging to the parents remains in the drive but Sebastièn’s was found on March 2.

It was discovered in Saint-Nezaire, 40 miles away from his home, in the coastal town next to France’s second largest area of marshland.

It has small canals and islands ranging over 150 square miles.

Charlotte’s belongings were found 185 miles north of here.

Brigitte Troadec (Photo: PA Photos)

France is gripped by what Police have called a murder investigation into the Troadec family.

The possibility is that the killer drove the car belonging to Sebastièn three hours north to dispose of Charlotte’s belongings.

And then drove back down the coast to Saint-Nazaire, half an hour from the family home.

However, what is clear is that the entire nation is shocked of the similarities this mystery holds to a murder that occurred six years ago.

Pascal Troadec (Photo: PA Photos)

In April 2011, the Dupont de Ligonnès family vanished out of the blue – including two parents and their four children, ages ranging from 13 to 20.

They lived less than three miles away from the Troadec’s white-wash home.

All their bank accounts were closed, the house lease was terminated, and there was a chilling message taped to the postbox reading: ‘Please return all mail to sender. Thank you’.

Just two weeks later, the mother and her four children were found buried underneath the porch.

They had been shot and drugged.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, 50, and his daughter Anne, 16. (Photo: PA Photos)

At their home, receipts were found for paving slabs and bin liners.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnè, the husband and father, was revealed to have bought a shovel and cement just days before they disappeared.

He is believed to be a suspect but remains nowhere to be found.

Police believe he is on the run abroad.

Arthur Dupont de Ligonnes (Photo: PA Photos)

In a twist of events, a relative of the family has admitted to killing them, a prosecutor said.

Pascal Troadec’s former brother-in-law, Hubert Caouissin, 46, told investigators he killed them in a row about the inheritance of gold bars.

These gold bars are claimed to be ‘a myth’ by Caouissin’s mother.

Caouissin battered the family to death with a crowbar at their home, Nantes prosecutor Pierre Sennes said in a press conference.

He was arrested in Brest on Sunday 5 March along with his ex wife Lydie, Pascal’s sister.

Caoussin, who has no previous criminal history, will be charged and jailed on Monday 13 March.

PA Photos

On 16 February, it is said Caouissin spied on the Troadecs’ home.

He broke in that night, apparently with the aim of stealing a key.

The family woke when they heard a noise, and a fight broke out between him and Pascal.

Caouissin killed Pascal first, and then the rest.

The prosecutor said he the bodies were dismembered, some parts were burned and others buried.

Police are now searching countryside near Brest in search of remains.

Flowers outside the Dupont de Ligonnes family home (Photo: PA Photos)

Investigators on the case said: “There are undoubted similarities between the two cases.

“Computer equipment was removed, along with some other personal belongings. A lot of cleaning up went on, too.

“The fact is that the Troadecs going missing was not known for around eight days – the same as the Dupont de Ligonnès.

“This would give any perpetrator plenty of time to get away, and get rid of incriminating evidence.”