The Butcher of Rostov, Andrei Chikatilo, murdered, mutilated and sexually assaulted more than 50 boys, girls and women in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don between 1978 and 1990.


Soviet serial killer

Drops of fresh blood in the pure white snow outside Andrei Chikatilo’s Rostov-on-Don home should have been the first clue he was behind the 1978 murder of local girl, Yelena Zakonova, 9.

Instead, by the time police came knocking in 1990, the man known as history’s sickest serial killer, had struck over 50 more times…

Chikatilo strangled and stabbed the Yelena, attempted to rape her, and then dumped her body.

After, the previously impotent Chikatilo realised he could achieve sexual arousal and orgasm through violence. This depraved realisation compelled him to strangle, stab and mutilate more innocent victims.

Yet, to the outside world, Andrei Chikatilo was decent and well spoken. A happily married man, a father and grandfather who worked as a teacher and was well respected.

The truth was, Chikatilo was capable of unthinkable evil.

Bloody appetite

During a 12-year reign of terror, the monster would lure his unsuspecting victims into local woods with the promise of chewing gum, vodka or videotapes. Then, Chikatilo butchered them in cold blood.

He tied up his victims, stabbed them in the heart and between the eyes, before slicing off body parts to gnaw on.

Chillingly, the Ukranian cannibal later confessed to chewing on the extracted uteri of his female victims and the testicles of his male victims, then discarding the body parts later.

Though Chikatilo’s name was on a list of 25,000 police suspects, it was only when an undercover officer saw him emerging from the woods, in November 1990, his killing spree ended.

His final victim, 22-year-old Svetlane Korostik, left a bite mark on his finger. That evidence, along with blood and semen samples confirmed police had their killer.

PA Photos

PA Photos

At trial, the Rostov Ripper was convicted of 52 of the 53 murder charges against him.

‘Don’t blow my brains out! The Japanese want to buy them!’ Chikatilo shouted and screamed as he was handed the sentence he’d doled out to so many others. Death.

He was executed on 14 February 1994.